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Proper Use of Cross Shaft Universal Coupling
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Proper Use of Cross Shaft Universal Coupling

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In many machines, due to the position requirements of the two shafts to be connected, or errors in manufacturing and installation, as well as the effects of load bearing and temperature changes, there is often no guarantee of strict alignment resulting in some degree of relative displacement or angle, so not all rigid connections can meet the performance requirements. As a flexible coupling, the cross shaft universal coupling is widely used in the connection between two shafts, which allows both a certain angle and a certain displacement between two shafts. Therefore, the above problems are well solved.


Cross shaft universal coupling can be allowed to have larger angle between two axes, up to 35 ° to 45 °. During the operation of the machine, if the angle changes, the machine can still run normally. But if the angle is too large, the transmission efficiency will decrease significantly. Another disadvantage is that when the driving shaft angular velocity is constant, the driven shaft angular velocity is not constant, so additional dynamic loads will be generated and noise will be added, directly reducing the service life of the machine.

cross shaft universal coupling


In order to improve this situation, the cross-axis universal coupling is often used in pairs to overcome the different angular velocities between the output shaft and the input shaft. However, the angle between the input shaft and the intermediate shaft, the intermediate shaft and the output shaft should be kept equal, and the fork joint at both ends of the intermediate shaft should be on the same plane, so that the angular velocity of the output shaft and the input shaft can be equal. Otherwise, the following consequences will occur:


1. The working parts are not stable and the working quality is decreased.

2. Generate additional load, drive parts easy to generate fatigue, reduce service life.

3. Transmission efficiency decreases.

4. Produce vibration and noise, make operator produce fatigue.

Therefore, the premise of correct use of universal coupler is correct installation of the cross shaft universal coupling, especially the two fork heads on the intermediate shaft must be on a plane.

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