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SWC-I 58A-255 +35 Light Cross Universal Coupling
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SWC-I 58A-255 +35 Light Cross Universal Coupling


Length: follow customer's requirements
surface treatment: spray paint
color: custom
minimum order: 1 set
material: follow customer's requirements


Model:SWC-I 58A-255 +35    Brand:ST

I. scope of application:

Swc-i universal coupling is mainly used in papermaking equipment, ordinary machinery, water pump equipment, test bench and other general mechanical occasions.

A drive shaft system that connects two different axes.

The flange diameter is 58-225mm, the rated torque range is 150-22,000 N.m, and the axis Angle is 25°-35°.

Universal coupling should be selected according to load characteristics, calculated torque, bearing life and working speed.

II. Structural features:

1. Universal coupling makes use of the characteristics of its mechanism to make the two axes not in the same axis, and realize the continuous rotation of the connected two axes when there is an Angle between the axes, and transfer torque and motion reliably.

2. The biggest features of the lightweight universal coupling are: its structure has a large angular compensation capacity, small inertia, simple disassembly, low maintenance and other advantages.

III. Type selection and maintenance:

We provide light universal shaft model selection, universal shaft parameter design and development and universal shaft production and other one-stop services, universal shaft manufacturers directly supply, so that you save time, effort and worry.

At the same time, we provide technical guidance on the transportation and storage, installation and use, maintenance and repair of swc-i light universal coupling.


1. The codes in the above table have the following meanings:

L -- standard length, the minimum length in the shortened state of length L system for retractable type;

Lv-- elongation;

M - quality.

Tn-- nominal torque (take 50% of yield torque);

Tf-- fatigue torque, i.e., allowable torque determined by fatigue strength under bending load;

Beta -- maximum axis Angle;

ML -- increase mass by 100mm.

2. If the measurement unit is not indicated in the above table, it shall be counted in millimeters;

3. When the user needs to change the standard length, telescopic quantity and flange type size, please negotiate with our factory.


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