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Propeller Shaft In Automobile
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Propeller Shaft In Automobile


These are our premium propeller shaft. We used high-strength materials. This provides far makes the propshaft last longer.


The propeller shaft is an important part of the transmission of power in the automobile driveline. The role is to transmit power between two shafts with different shaft centers, even between two shafts whose relative positions are constantly changing during the working process. The prop shaft is a rotating body with high speed and less support, so its dynamic balance is very important. Generally, the drive shaft must undergo a dynamic balance test before leaving the factory and adjusted on a balance machine.

Ours Commonly used materials for shaft parts are 35, 45, and 50 high-quality carbon steel, with 45 steel being the most widely used. Nodular cast iron and high-strength cast iron are often used in the manufacture of shafts with complex shapes and structures due to their good casting properties and vibration reduction properties.

propeller shaft

◆Applicable torque range: 18000~29000 N.m
◆Maximum sliding amount: 160 mm
◆Swivel angle of universal joint: 22 °
◆Shaft tube specification: φ139×7.5
◆Ear hole diameter: φ68 mm

propeller shaft compared with others:

propeller shaft compared with other shaft

Production Process of propeller shaft is as follows:

1. Raw material selection

2. Rough machining

3. Heat treatment

4. Precision work

5. Assemblage

6. Dynamic balancing testing

7. Painting

8. Inspect and package

9. Shipping

Production Process of propeller shaft

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