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Flange Cardan Shaft for Rolling Mill
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Flange Cardan Shaft for Rolling Mill


Type: Flange Cardan Shaft Applicable Industries: Rolling Mill Shape: Hollow Axis Material: Stainless Steel


High-quality flange cardan shaft is very important for rolling mil to increase output, reduce scrap and improve quality. Compared with the other flange cardan shaft, This cardan shaft dedicated for rolling mill should have more reliability and lower manufacturing costs to increase economic efficiency. 

Flange Cardan Shaft for Rolling Mill

This Flange Cardan Shaft for Rolling Mill range is a natural evolution of existing product innovations with new features and benefits to offer significant advantages to customers in the forklift.

Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft Co., Ltd are a professional cardan shaft manufacturer, can do custom materials industrial drive shaft, custom color transmission shaft, custom torque size gear coupling and so on.

Sitong cardan shaft is Wide range of applications and variety. including industrial cardan shaft, Medium heavy Cardan shaft, Universal Joint ShaftHigh Speed Cardan ShaftFlange Cardan Shaft, Curved teeth coupling, Drum gear coupling, Cardan drive shaft etc.

Production Process of Flange Cardan Shaft for Material Handling is as follows:

1. Raw material selection

2. Rough machining

3. Heat treatment

4. Precision work

5. Assemblage

6. Dynamic balancing testing

7. Painting

8. Inspect and package

9. Shipping

Production Process of Flange Cardan Shaft for Rolling Mill

Flange Cardan Shaft for Railways compared with others:

Flange Cardan Shaft for Flange Cardan Shaft for Rolling Mill

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