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Do you know the automotive drive shaft?

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This article is about automotive drive shaft. If there is an error in the article, please leave a message so that we can correct it, thanks in advance.


Explanation of the drive shaft.


The drive shaft is a rotating body that has high-speed and low supporting, so its dynamic balance is crucial. Generally, the drive shaft must be tested for dynamic balance before leaving the factory and adjusted on the balance machine.For the front-engine rear-wheel drive car, the rotation of the transmission is transmitted to the main reducer shaft, which has several sections, and the joints can be connected by a universal joint.


Drive shaft composition.

Drive shaft is composed by shaft tube,telescopic sleeve and universal joint.The telescopic sleeve can adjust changes about the distance between the transmission and the driving axle.The universal joint is to ensure the change of the angle between the transmission output shaft and the input shaft of the driving axle, and realize the two-axis isometric transmission.


Telescopic sleeve of the drive shaft.

The drive shaft telescopic sleeve of the transmission structure is to weld the spline sleeve flange fork together,then to weld the spline shaft on the drive shaft pipe.The new drive shaft is changed to the conventional structure, and the spline sleeve is welded integrally with the drive shaft pipe, and the spline shaft and the flange fork are integrally formed.The rectangular tooth spline is changed into a large pressure angle involute short tooth spline, which not only increases the strength but also facilitates the extrusion forming and adapts to the needs of the large torque working condition.The surface of the teeth of the telescopic sleeve and the spline shaft is entirely coated with a layer of nylon material, which not only increases the wear resistance and self-lubricity, but also reduces the damage of the impact shaft to the drive shaft and improves the buffering capacity.

The drive shaft adds a tubular sealing protective sleeve outside the flange spline shaft, and two urethane rubber oil seals are arranged at the end of the protective sleeve, forming a completely sealed space in the telescopic sleeve, so that the telescopic spline shaft is free from dust from the outside and is not only dust-proof but also rust-proof.Therefore, in the assembly, the grease is applied to the spline shaft and the sleeve at one time, which can fully meet the requirements of use, without the lubrication of the nozzle, and the maintenance work is reduced.

The axle sleeve in the drive shaft is designed to reduce friction and wear during shaft movement. The basic use is the same as that of the bearing, and the relative cost is relatively cheap, but the frictional resistance is large, so it will only be used on some parts.Most of the bearings are made of copper, but there are also plastic bearings.The bearings are placed in the shaft and the support structure, and they are very close to the support structure, and only the shaft can be rotated on the sleeve. When assembling the shaft and the axle sleeve, a lubricant is added between the two to reduce the friction generated when it rotates.


The universal joint of the drive draft

The universal joint consists of a cross shaft, a cross bearing and flange fork joint, and is a key component on the axle of an automobile.The universal joint is a key component on the axle of the car. On the rear engine of the front engine, the universal joint drive shaft is installed between the transmission output shaft and the input shaft of the axle sleeve final drive; and the front engine front wheel The driven vehicle omits the drive shaft and the universal joint is mounted between the front axle axle and the wheel, both responsible for the drive and for steering.When the vehicle is running unevenly, the road surface is uneven, the load changes or the difference between the two assembly installation positions changes the angle and distance between the transmission output shaft and the input shaft of the axle sleeve final drive. Therefore, a “change” is used. The strained device solves this problem, so there is a universal joint.


Transmission features:

In the front-wheel drive (or all-wheel drive) of the engine, the suspension is deformed during the movement of the car.

There is often a relative movement between the drive shaft final drive input shaft and the output shaft of the transmission (or transfer case). In addition, in order to effectively avoid certain mechanisms or devices (straight line transmission is not possible), there must be a device to achieve normal power. So there is a universal joint drive. The universal joint drive must have the following features:


A. It can ensure the reliable transmission of power when the relative position of the two shafts connected is changed within the expected range;

B.Ensure that the two shafts connected can operate evenly. Additional loads, vibrations and noise due to the angle of the joint should be within the allowable range.

C.The transmission efficiency is high, the service life is long, the structure is simple, the manufacture is convenient, and the maintenance is easy. For the car, since the output shaft of a cross-axis universal joint rotates at a constant speed with respect to the input shaft (with a certain angle).The angle of the universal joint should be minimized during design.


Use of the drive shaft

Special-purpose vehicle transmission shafts are mainly used in tank trucks, fuel trucks, sprinklers, suction trucks, suction trucks, fire trucks, high-pressure cleaning vehicles, road wreckers, aerial work vehicles, garbage trucks and other vehicles.


Use and maintenance of the drive shaft

In order to ensure the normal operation of the drive shaft and prolong its service life, it should be noted in use:

1. It is strictly forbidden to start with high speed gear

2. Do not lift the clutch pedal

3. It is strictly forbidden to overload.

4. Always check the working condition of the drive shaft.

5. Always check the tightening of the drive shaft hanger, whether the supporting rubber is damaged, whether the connection parts of the drive shaft are loose, and whether the drive shaft is deformed.

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