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Cardan Shaft: Industrial Applications of Universal Shaft

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The cardan shaft is the basic component of the transmission. It can transmit the driving force process. In actual application, according to the transmitted torque, it is divided into heavy, medium, light and small.

1.Heavy-duty cardan shaft

heavy-duty universal shaft


The radial dimension of the heavy-duty universal shaft is not compact, the transmission torque is large, the transmission efficiency is high, the service life is long, and the transmission between the two intersecting shafts can be transmitted in the space. The angle between the two axes is large. Because of its large deflection angle and large transmission torque, it is widely used in heavy-duty mechanical occasions such as metallurgy, lifting, and mining, etc.


(1) One-piece metal elastomer;

(2) Zero slewing clearance, synchronous operation;

(3) Elastic action to compensate radial, angular and axial deviations;

(4) High torque rigidity and sensitivity;

(5) Clockwise and The anti-clockwise rotation characteristics are the same;

(6) maintenance-free, oil-resistant and corrosion-resistant;

(7) aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials are available;

(8) fixing methods are mainly two kinds of screw and clamping.

2.Medium-duty Cardan Shaft

Medium-duty Cardan Shaft


Medium heavy Cardan shaft is engineered specifically to enhance driveline performance in high. reduced weight design yields peak performance and strength. Their one-piece design further reducing driveline weight, make they are widely is used in automobiles and various Medium heavy industries. 


(1) No backlash, torsional rigidity, reliable connection, corrosion resistance, and high-temperature resistance;

(2) Maintenance-free and oil-resistant, the bellows-shaped structure compensates radial, angular and axial deviations, and can maintain constant speed operation in the presence of deviations;

(3) The clockwise and counterclockwise rotation characteristics are the same;

(4) It can be used in systems with high accuracy and stability requirements.

3.Light-duty Cardan Shaft

Light-duty Cardan Shaft


This type of Heavy-duty cardan shaft has high transmission efficiency. Its transmission efficiency Up to 98-99.8% for high-power transmission. especially suitable for light industries like Textile industry,Rubber industry in the machinery transmission torque.


(1) The connection without tooth gap is simple for test transmission with low torque;

(2) Simple operation, simple assembly, time-saving, wide size range, small rotational inertia, and convenient inspection;

(3) Improvement of anti-corrosion ability, insulating ability, and selection of slider elastomers of available materials;

(4) The sliding between the sleeve and the middle piece can allow large radial and angular deviations. The special bump design of the middle piece appears to be used for support and can have a large angular gap.

4.Small-duty Cardan Shaft

Small-duty Cardan Shaft


small-duty cardan shaft used in Various small-duty industries. Long service life and great strength make it achieve market leadership in the cardan shaft. Compared with other types of the cardan shaft, their carrying capacity have more flexibility, the energy-saving effect has more obvious. The structure is simple, the disassembly is simple, there is no need to move the connected two shafts when disassembling, the size is compact, the weight is light, there is a certain compensation capacity, the device accuracy is not high, the action time is long, and the cost is relatively low.


(1) Lighter weight, ultra-low inertia, and high sensitivity;

(2) Maintenance-free, oil, and corrosion-resistant;

(3) The eccentricity cannot be allowed, and the shaft should be exposed as much as possible when used;

(4) The main material can be aluminum alloy/stainless steel;

(5) Fixing methods include clamping and jacking.

Choose the Type of Cardan Shaft

After reading the introduction of the four cardan shafts, let’s talk about some standards that we need to refer to when choosing the type of universal coupling.

The problems to be considered in the selection process of the cardan shaft must be thought of the speed of the shaft of the transmission device and the analysis of the load bearing, whether the rotation is stable or not in terms of the accuracy of the assembly of the interconnected and connected components, Problems in price, analyze the characteristics of different types of cardan shafts, select a more suitable type of universal shaft. The selection of a cardan shaft should be based on the following conditions:

1. Select the type of universal coupling

2. Adjust the category according to the shaft diameter

3. Select the connection type

4. Coupling torque check

1. Select the type of universal coupling

First of all, we need to understand the induction function of the cardan shaft in the transmission device, think through the entire construction style of the transmission device, and select the type of universal coupling.

Then choose the type of cardan shaft according to the summary of the type of work load, the speed of operation, the accuracy of transmission, the displacement of the two axes, the temperature difference, the humidity, and the operation. The construction style of the universal coupling is selected according to the needs of the set host. When the coupling and the braking device are used in a complete set, it is necessary to select a coupling with a moving wheel or a brake disc type.

2. Adjust the category according to the shaft diameter

The criteria for the coupling of the first selected coupling, namely the diameter d of the shaft hole and the length L of the shaft hole, should meet the requirements of the shaft diameter of the main and driven ends, otherwise the standard of the coupling should be adjusted according to the shaft diameter d. It is a general phenomenon that the shaft diameters of the main and driven ends are different. When the torque and speed are the same, the shaft diameters of the main and driven ends are not in one place. The coupling type should be selected according to the large shaft diameter. In the newly designed transmission system, seven shaft hole patterns in accordance with GB/T3852 should be selected. It is best to choose the J1 shaft hole pattern. The front contains general and replacement capabilities, shaft hole length and cardan shaft The division of product standards.

3. Select the connection type

The choice of cardan shaft type depends on the coupling type of the main and driven ends to the shaft. Generally, the key connection is selected. It is the same key connection type and code. Seven types of key grooves are defined in GB/T3852, and four types of keyless For connection, type A keys are used most.

4. Coupling torque check

The efficiency of the power machine in the conveyor needs to exceed the efficiency required to operate the machine. According to the power and speed of the power machine, the theoretical short moment at the high-speed end connected to the power machine can be calculated.

Properly install the cardan shaft:

Properly install the cardan shaft

After we choose the type of cardan shaft, we should understand how to install and use the universal shaft correctl:

1. The universal coupling should meet the design requirements of the transmission system when installed, and the spline pair should be kept away from the source of vibration or impact as much as possible.

2. For telescopic universal couplings with splined pairs, check whether the arrow marks of the splined shaft and the splined sleeve are aligned during installation to ensure that the phase difference of the axis of the fork head bearing holes at both ends does not exceed 1°.

3. The oil stains should be cleaned and the flange surface should be dried before installation. Torque wrenches must be used for the flange connection bolts. Tighten according to the specified pre-tightening torque, and the mechanical properties of bolts and nuts are 10.9 and 10 respectively.

4. Before tightening the bolts, the threaded parts must be cleaned with a cleaning agent and coated with a little 242 glue, and tightened in a staggered manner (but low hardness washers are not allowed).

5. After the installed universal coupling runs one shift with load, check whether the flange connection bolts are loose, and tighten them again according to the prescribed pre-tightening torque, so repeat several shifts until the bolts are no longer loose.

6. Long-term overload use and operation accidents of universal couplings should be avoided, otherwise the service life will be reduced.

7. The universal coupling should be fully lubricated, and its bearing parts should be replenished with grease once a week at the beginning of its operation. After normal operation, it should be replenished once a quarter, and the spline pair should be replenished once every six months. When replenishing grease, apply new grease from the T-shaped oil seal until the new grease overflows.

Causes of damage to cardan shaft:

Causes of damage to cardan shaft

The cardan shaft is an easily damaged component and often becomes a weak link in the transmission. Let's understand the common damage causes of several universal shafts:

1.Damage caused by environmental factors: such as discharge corrosion caused by induction electricity, corrosion caused by acid and alkali gases, corrosion caused by the deterioration of lubricating oil, etc. Damage caused by human errors: including improper selection and processing accuracy not up to standard, poor installation And poor maintenance.

2. Damage caused by wear: continuous operation causes wear between the relative moving elements of the coupling, which is the most common cause of damage.

3. Damage caused by breakage: The breakage and damage of the element due to the fatigue limit of the coupling element in use.

5.Damage caused by connecting bolts: The design and selection of connecting bolts and improper installation are also one of the important causes of coupling damage.

For universal couplings, we usually need certain maintenance. Only regular maintenance can ensure that the universal coupling can operate normally when used. For the coupling, It is also necessary to understand in advance when using it.

Maintenance method of cardan shaft

Maintenance method of cardan shaft

Careful maintenance and care of the universal shaft can ensure that the universal shaft has the best operating quality and extended service life, Let's see how to properly maintain the universal shaft.


The first step is to pay attention to the slow speed when using the universal shaft. Only slowly accelerating during the use process is more in line with the use of the machine, so as to reduce unnecessary wear of mechanical equipment.


The second step is to check the balance of the universal coupling. Since balancing the solder tab is one of the important reasons for stabilizing the gimbal balance, this is a very critical step. When we do major repairs, we need to be more careful about the relationship between the original assembly.


The third step is to check the working condition of the universal shaft every day, so as to ensure the normal operation of the universal shaft.


The fourth step is to add grease. Generally speaking, in summer, it is better to inject lithium-based grease, and in winter, lithium-based grease is also injected. But the only difference is that the number of lithium-based greases added in these two seasons is different.


Therefore, if you want the stable operation of the machine without affecting the production work, in addition to the maintenance of the mechanical equipment, the maintenance work of the universal shaft is also essential.

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