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Industrial Cardan Shafts: Suitable for Various Industries

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Throughout the manufacturing industry, the pursuit of greater power output at higher efficiency is a priority. Under such circumstances, highly sophisticated and economical drive shafts that fi in a limited space are in great demand for use in various equipment and machines. The industrial cardan shafts we produce lineup is certain to satisfy your requirements in various applications, including iron manufacturing machines, rolling mills, construction machines, and rolling stock. 

Industrial cardan shaft Configuration of parts

Industrial cardan shaft Configuration of parts

1) Cross & bearings

The cross & bearings are the most critical components of a drive shaft.

A Cross & bearing has a cross-shaped shaft and four rolling bearings that individually support each end of the shaft.


2) Bearing set bolt

Used to connect the cross-bearing and its mating part.


3) Spline sleeve/shaft

There are a spline hole and shaft and the attaching length is adjustable.


4) Spline cover

Used to improve the dustproof and waterproof properties if the ambient environment is not good.


5) Flange yoke

The flange yoke is commonly used to connect a drive unit (such as a motor). A variety of joints are available to suit specifically desired applications.


6) Fitting yoke :

Used mainly for connection with the machine and the motor.

Various types of coupling arrangements are provided according to the application.

Types of Industrial cardan shaft

Types of Industrial cardan shaft

Cardan shafts for industrial applications are classified into two types: block drive shafts and round drive shafts according to the structure of the cross & bearings used for the universal joint. Features and representative structures of each type are shown below.


block Cardan shafts:

With the cross & bearings fixed by bearing set bolts to the yokes, block type drive shafts transfer torque reliably through the key. The rollers, crosses, and bearing set bolts can be greater in size than those of the round type drive shafts, realizing high strength.



(1) These series are intended for use in extremely heavy duty industrial applications.

(2) High dust resistance makes these series optimal for use under severe operating conditions such as in rolling mills.



Swing diameter:

Torque T:

Torque Ts:

Maximum operating angle

φ160- 1230

10.9 - 8970

34.1 - 18800

4- 10



Round Industrial Cardan shafts:

Compared with the block type, this type of cardan shaft has cross & bearings of simpler construction and is more economical. These drive shafts are connected to machines via a flangeenabling easy connection to a variety of machines. Round type are classified into two types: Bolt type and Boltless type


Bolt type



Series for heavy load with excellent balance between performance and price



Swing diameter:

Torque T:

Torque Ts:

Maximum operating angle

φ225 - 435

19.5- 149.2

71.4- 546




Boltless type



This cost efficient series is intended for light to medium duty industrial applications.



Swing diameter:

Torque T:

Torque Ts:

Maximum operating angle

φ105- 180

1.56 - 9.89

4.13 - 36.2

18- 30


By the way, Due to in some harsh industrial environment, all components must have exceptional corrosion resistance. so we Launch new products: Corrosion Resistant Cardan shafts


The Cardan shafts for industry use a high-grade stainless steel. Yokes are made of 316L stainless steel. Their contact surfaces are PTFE-coated to prevent galling and improve friction properties. Pins and blocks are also made of 316L stainless and protected with grease-packed boots.


AISI 303 stainless steel yokes and AISI 416 steel pins and blocks are also available to provide higher strength and better wear resistance. Standard single joints can be modified with a variety of stainless steel grades, including 304, 316, 17-4, and 15-5 to meet specific requirements. Diameters range from 1/2 to 6 in. (13 to 153 mm) with a standard operating angle of 35°.


Corrosion Resistant Cardan shafts are complete shaft assemblies for harsh environment industrial applications. For use in a harsh environment, special materials, extreme cleanliness, and baking of the entire system to remove traces of water and gases are required.

Selection and use of industrial cardan shafts

industrial cardan shafts

Cardan shafts dedicated to industry being used for various applications. So it is impossible to select their size and predict their lifetime with reliable accuracy with just one general rule. The familiar failure probabilities for roller bearings apply to cardan shafts as well. The size of the industrial cardan shaft should be chosen so that its maximum momentary torque rating, is not smaller than the maximum torque to be transmitted in your application. Additionally, parameters like deflection angle, speed, length, operating conditions (kind of drive, temperature, dust, etc.) should be considered. 

Measures to improve service life and strength

Below are optional specifications for use under severe conditions in which further strength and/or longer life are required.


1.Application of different diameter rollers for cross & bearing


Because the cross is an elastic cantilever beam and the bearing has some radial clearance, the load on the cross generally becomes heavier toward to the end of the cross. In order to improve this phenomenon, load on the roller is made uniform by designing the roller to have a minutely smaller diameter at the very close end, which would improve flaking life.


2.Ball burnishing on cross shaft


industrial cardan shafts

The flaking life can be improved by the ball burnishing on cross raceway. This process is a type of plastic working process, which is applied by rolling contact of super-hard ball backed up hydraulically on the cross raceway surface.


(1) The hardness of the surface becomes higher than that of the carburized original material.

(2) Residual compressive stress at subsurface is larger than in the case of carburizing, and it can be applied deeply.

(3) Raceway roughness of the machined surface is improved. And no further finishing process is required after ball burnishing process.

(4) As the ball burnishing fxture can be used by ataching to lathe or other machine, there is actually no imitation in size of workpieces.


3.Thermal spraying coat of tungsten carbide (WC) on bearing cup key


To avoid corrosion on the side face of bearing cup key applying carburizing heat treatment, one possible method is to apply thermal spraying coat of tungsten carbide (WC) on these surfaces.The following effects are expected in case the generation of clearance due to corrosion at the key area is restrained.


(1) The bending stress of bolt can be alleviated, which leads to the restraint of strength reduction.

(2) The heavier load on raceways at the end of the cross can be restrained, which expects longer fatigue life for Cross & bearing.


4.Application of form rolling to bearing set bolt


The thread of the bearing set bolt has conventionally been machined after heat treatment. However, by switching this process to form rolling, allowable fatigue stress at the bottom radi of the thread increases significantly.


(1) Fiber flow is formed along the shape of the thread.

(2) Residual compressive stress at subsurface beneath the bottom radius of the thread increases.


5.Improved service life of oil seals and cross bearings


Development of a high-sealing oil seal


Improved sealing performance through material change


(1)Reduction of permanent elongation under rolling mill water and high temperature (90 °C] environment by 50% compared to conventional Improved sealing performance through shape change


(2)By changing from side lip seal thrust contact to radial contact, sealing performance relative to axial ocillating motion has improved Reduced decline in lip tension by 80% compared to conventional


These changes suppress sudden damage to the cross bearing caused by deterioration in lubricating ability, thus contributing to reduced maintenance costs and improved productivity for customers.

Maintenance and inspection method of cardan shafts for industry

Maintenance and inspection method of industrial cardan shafts

To use cardan shafts for industrial application safely for a long time, periodic inspection is required. Below is the periodic inspection procedure.


Cycles of periodic greasing

Be sure to apply grease with correct intervals and amount.

- Hot strip mills: Once a month

The grease to be applied should be the one speifed in the drawing.

- Cold strip mills: Every 3 months

Use of insufficient or different grease may lead to early damage.

- Others: Every 3 months


Periodic inspection of bolts

Conduct initial inspection of the bolts one week and one month after

operation.After that, conduct periodic inspection every six months.

Inspection of the bolts includes the following.

- Check for looseness or damage of the whirl-stop

- Check the elongation by hammering or looking

Storage recommendations for industrial cardan shafts

Storage recommendations for industrial cardan shafts

All cardan shafts for industry should be stocked in horizontal position in clean and weather protected areas. The storage room should be dry, clean and well ventilated. Prolonged storage outside of a suggested temperature range from +5°C to +30°C is not recommended. Avoid rapid fluctuation of temperatures during the day to prevent risk of condensation. Storage places or containers should be protected from direct sunlight. Impact of ozone can be particularly harmful to plastic and rubber components. Therefore storeroom layout should prevent storage close to electrical appliances which produce ozone (e.g. welding machines, DC electric motors, spark inducing machines).


Store the products in suitable boxes or containers to avoid moisture and condensation. Contact with oil, grease and /or water (directly or through the ambient air) should be prevented. Thees cardan shafts should never be stored directly on the floor or set onto wet and/or dirty surface. The articles should be packed in a relaxed state, overcrowding of containers and stacking should be avoided. Shafts must rest on an appropriate base (wood, cardboard etc.) to prevent bending stress on the shaft assemblies, over bending of the joints, pinching or deformation of guards, seals and boots. Use appropriate frames or racks to ensure this. If the driveshafts are to be stored for a long period (6 months or more), the connecting interfaces (flanges, stems) and other non-protected surfaces should be treated with an anti-corrosion agent. Additional wrapping in rust protection paper can improve the protection level. Lubricants should be stored in sealed containers, closed cartridges or tubes, as supplied. To check the condition of stocked grease, if applicable, look out for non-homogenous consistency, distinct discoloration and excessive bleed of base oil from the compound.


Always visually check industrial cardan shafts and components removed from stock for damage and material condition before any assembly or supply. Pay special attention to components from polymeric materials (e.g. CV boots, O-rings, lip seals, center support bearing etc) which can change properties during storage, and can eventually be damaged, due to aging and degradation processes. Polymeric parts should be inspected for loss of elasticity and embrittlement, cracking or deformation. Cardan shafts for industry and Universal joints being pulled from storage after more than 6 months' time must be re-lubricated prior to being placed into operation. Please observe the proper installation instructions. CV type shafts with ball joints assembled with boots are maintenance-free and do not require greasing.


As a professional cardan shaft manufacturer, Our application-matched industrial cardan shafts are rugged assemblies that withstand the requirements of today's more powerful engines and transmissions. Precision balancing assures smoothvibration-free operation. Our wide range of cardan shafts for industrial application are backed by years of proven performance in some of the most extreme applications. They have set the industry standard for quality for years, and are backed by the technology, systems, and people to meet even the highest expectations.


A flawlessly designed range of cardan shafts can be obtained from us at economical prices. These are specially created from alloy steel with heat-treated working parts. Moreover, these can be availed with or without finish bore, as per the desire of the customers. Apart from this, these industrial cardan shafts are highly favored for their high tolerance, durability, and corrosion resistance.

We have first-class production line and strict management system.

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