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Heavy Duty Universal Joint Shaft

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The heavy-duty universal joint shaft is a coupling that allows large angular displacement between the two shafts. Suitable for two-axis connection with large angular displacement. 

Its radial size is not compact, easy to maintain, large transmission torque, high transmission efficiency, long service life, low noise, and can transmit the transmission between two intersecting shafts in space. The angle between the two axes is large. 

Heavy Duty Universal Joint Shaft

In general, the angle between the shafts can reach 35 degrees to 45 degrees. The angle between the axes can be changed at any time during operation. However, when a single coupling is used, the speed of the driven shaft will periodically fluctuate, which is mainly used for the transmission connection between intersecting shafts. heavy-duty universal joint shaft are widely used in various general mechanical applications due to their large deflection angle and large transmission torque.

The selection of the heavy-duty universal joint shaft mainly considers the speed, load, installation accuracy, rotation stability, price, etc. of the drive shaft. According to the characteristics of various types of couplings, the combined coupling is selected.

Specific options can consider the following points: the vast majority of coupling has been standardized or standardized. The designer's task is to choose, not design. The basic steps for selecting a coupling are: according to the size of the transmission load, the speed of the shaft, the installation accuracy of the two connected components, select the type of coupling, and refer to the characteristics of various couplings, select the combined heavy-duty universal joint shaft.

   1) The size and nature of the transmitted torque, as well as the requirements of the cushioning and vibration reduction functions. For example, for high-power heavy-duty transmissions, gear couplings can be used; for severe impact loads or transmissions that need to eliminate torsional vibration of the shafting, tire couplings and other highly elastic couplings can be used.

   2) The working speed of the heavy-duty universal joint shaft and the resulting centrifugal force. For high-speed transmission shafts, couplings with high balance accuracy, such as diaphragm couplings, should be used instead of eccentric slider couplings.

   3) The relative displacement of the two axes. When the two shafts are difficult to maintain accurate alignment after installation and adjustment, or when the two shafts produce large additional relative displacements during operation, flexible couplings should be used. For example, when the radial displacement is large, the slider coupling can be selected, and when the angular displacement is large or the two axes intersect, a universal coupling can be used.

   4) The reliability and working environment of the universal joint coupling. The non-lubricated couplings, which are usually made of metal components, are more reliable, and the completeness of lubrication easily affects the performance of the lubricated coupling and may pollute the environment. Coupled with non-metallic elements such as rubber, it is sensitive to temperature, corrosive media and strong light, and is easy to age.

   5) Due to manufacturing, installation, load deformation, temperature changes, etc., it is difficult to align the two axes strictly and accurately after installation and adjustment. There is a certain degree of X, Y displacement and skewness Ci. When the radial displacement is large, the slider coupling can be used. The universal coupling can be used for large-angle displacement or the intersection of two axes. When additional relative displacement occurs between the two shafts during the work, an elastic coupling should be used.

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