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Cardan Drive Shaft: Jeep Special Drive Shaft Kit

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The Chrysler Jeep cardan drive shaft kit is a lightweight replacement for the factory-installed cardan drive shaft. The cardan drive shaft was first introduced to Chrysler in 1978 and has been available through the years with different engines, transmissions, and combinations. The Deck Shaft on a Jeep can be found on various Jeep models, ranging from the standard six-cylinder Jeep to the Super Duty Wrangler.

When a Jeep has the cardan drive shaft on it, it is a factory option that is incorporated into the vehicle. This allows for some customization of the vehicle's appearance. Jeep will install the Drive Shaft just like it would for a Ram or Jeep Wrangler. The following information describes what parts should be replaced if this option is not available.

The Drive Shaft uses 1.5:1 Bearing which is made to fit the structure. These components need to be replaced because of their wear and tear.

The Drive Shaft Bearings is formed from steel, which is then coated with a special powder. The powder will give the structure a "silvery" look, which is a result of the steel coating.

In order to replace a cardan drive shaft Bear with a new Bear, you will need to go to your local Chrysler dealership and place an order. Chrysler dealerships will replace the cardan drive shaft with a Bear and the Replacement Bear will be shipped directly to your home.

The Deck Shaft also is known as the Trail Shaft and Body Shaft is the part of the cardan drive shaft used on different Jeep models. The Deck Shaft is the same as the Deck Shaft on a Ram or Jeep Wrangler.

This part of the cardan drive shaft is made of steel and aluminum and they all are formed using powder coating. They are installed with a special deck bearing assembly and they will need to be replaced when they wear out and rust or break.

The deck bearing assembly on a Jeep is made of steel and will make sure that the Drive Shaft spins freely on the axle. The bearing assembly will come with the Jeep and will be installed and removed easily by the owner.

The cardan drive shaft system on a Jeep should be replaced every three thousand miles and it is recommended that you change this on a regular basis. If you have a deck bearing that has gone bad, you should replace it because it is much easier to change than the Deck Shaft.

Deck Bearing Installation takes about an hour and it is completely uneventful. To avoid the need to re-mount the cardan drive shaft on your Jeep, you should do the Deck Shaft installation on your Jeep before the deck bearing is mounted.

The Deck Shaft should never be bolted into a Jeep until you have decided to replace it. The reason for this is because most of the damage that is done to the cardan drive shaft is caused by the wear and tear of driving on the road for an extended period of time.

The drive shaft in your Jeep needs to be maintained and serviced, especially if you have had it for any amount of time. Never assume that just because the drive shaft on your Jeep looks good that it is brand new and when you get a chance, you should replace it with a new one.

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