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Cardan Drive Shaft: How to correct angular deviation

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The standard cardan drive shaft can adjust the angle and axial offset, but the lower the working angle, the longer the use time. The installation angle of the cardan drive shaft should be as small as possible, and the laser should be used to center or He aligned the tools to achieve this goal. 

Cardan drive shaft should be lubricated with lithium soap-based grease containing additives. Because every grease manufacturer makes lubricants for this and similar applications fat. 

Different types of grease can not be mixed, and some of the same-grease should also be checked for compatibility before use. After shrinking the hub and positioning the gear sleeve on the shaft, the cavity between the hub and the sleeve should be filled with grease using a spatula. 

A thin layer of glue film should be coated on the mating flange surface, and Tighten the connecting bolts to an appropriate torque, and after connecting the half flange, fill the pipe joint through the grease nipple. 

When filling through the grease filling port, please note that the pipe joint is being filled. If raise Difficult, please remove the grease nipple or plug. 

Once you have determined that the pipe joint has been filled, replace the grease nipple or plug that has been removed and tighten it properly. 

After 3 months before operation, it should be restarted Lubricate the cardan drive shaft. The lubrication interval can be increased to 6 months, but not more than 1 year. 

The lubrication interval should take into account the severity of the operation. When lubricating, replace the grease in the cardan drive shaft. Remove the grease filler nipple from the grease nipple used to fill the pipe joint by 180°. 

Pump in fresh grease until it is lubricated Grease begins to drain from the opening. Once it is determined that the pipe joint has been filled, replace it with a different grease filler or the plug has been removed and tightened correctly. 

The load category of the transmission system is to select the type of cardan drive shaft The basic basis. For working loads with large changes in shock, vibration and torque, a flexible coupling with elastic elements, that is, an elastic coupling, should be selected to cushion, dampen, and compensate for axis offsets. 

Drive system performance. The torque during frequent forward and reverse starting and braking is several times the torque during normal balancing work, which is overload work, shortening the service life of the elastic element of the cardan drive shaft, the cardan drive shaft is only allowed to be short Time overload, generally short time load should not be greater than 2~3 times of the nominal torque.

The power of the power machine is one of the main basis for determining the specifications of the cardan drive shaft, which is proportional to the torque of the cardan drive shaft. 

power Between the machine and the work, one or several cardan drive shafts of different varieties or different types and specifications are used to connect the master and slave ends to form a shafting transmission system. 

In mechanical transmission, the power machine is nothing more than Electric motors, internal combustion engines and steam turbines. Due to the different working principle and structure of the power machine, its mechanical characteristics are very different, some of them run smoothly, and some have impact during operation, which has a shape on the transmission system. Into varying effects.

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