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Cardan Drive Shafts: Performance selection of cross shaft

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The permissible speed range of the cardan drive shafts is based on the linear speed of different materials of the universal coupling and the large machine equipment.

 It is difficult to adjust the alignment of the two shafts and reduce the torsional vibration stress of the shaft section. It can absorb and reduce the fluctuation of the output torque of the diesel engine.

 For the diesel power unit equipped with a reduction gear box, it can reduce the knock on the gear surface when the torque changes. You should choose a durable and convenient replacement of the coupling. 

Metal elastic element cardan drive shafts generally have a longer service life than non-metallic elastic element cardan drive shafts. Need to seal and lubricate and use the durable cross shaft universal coupling, which will inevitably increase the maintenance workload. 

For the occasions of long-term continuous operation and high economic benefits, internationally developed industrial countries have generally selected cardan drive shafts with long service life, no lubrication and maintenance to replace drum-shaped gear couplings, which not only improves economic benefits, It can also purify the working environment. 

It has good damping characteristics, can absorb part of the vibration energy, reduce the vibration amplitude when passing the vibration point, and extend the service life of the gear. 

cardan drive shafts type is widely used in various general machinery occasions due to its large deviation angle and high transmission torque. 

Common types of cardan drive shafts are: universal type, high speed type, miniature, retractable, high torque universal coupling and many other types. 

WS.WSD small cross shaft cardan drive shafts is suitable for connecting the transmission shaft system with the angle between two shaft axes β≤45°; 

single cross shaft cardan drive shafts and double cross with a nominal torque of 11.2~1120N·m Shaft type universal coupling. The choice of the cross shaft type universal coupling should choose the appropriate coupling balance level; 

whether the size of the unbalance of the cross shaft type cardan drive shafts can meet the needs of any kind of rotating system depends on each special the performance of the connected machine is best determined by the manufacturer that produces the connected machine. 

It is recommended that each machine manufacturer also prepare an appropriate cardan drive shafts balance level while providing its design; if the appropriate coupling balance level cannot be obtained from the machine manufacturer, it can be used as a reference guide for general selectors. 

The cardan drive shafts is suitable for the transmission occasion where the angle between the two shaft axes β≤45o on the same plane of the coupling space, the nominal torque is transmitted 11.2-1120N.m. 

WSD type is a single cross shaft type cardan drive shafts, WS type is The maximum angle between each shaft of the double cross shaft cardan drive shafts is 45o. 

The finished hole H7 can be keyed, hexagonal and square according to requirements. The angle between the two shafts is allowed to change with the working needs within a limited range.

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