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Cardan Drive Shafts: Damage Analysis of Elastomer

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The cardan drive shafts cushion material is mainly made of polyester polyurethane rubber, which not only has high elasticity and oil resistance, but also has the advantages of impact resistance and oil resistance. 

It has the characteristics of compensating the relative deviation of the two shafts, damping, buffering, small radial size, high load capacity, and easy maintenance. However, when the elastic element is replaced, the two coupling halves need to move in the axial direction. 

MT plum blossom cushions of different materials Directly affect the service life of cardan drive shafts.

The cardan drive shafts has abnormal noise after a period of use, and there is abnormal sound or tremor or swing, indicating that the cardan drive shafts has been damaged. 

The first reaction is that the quality of the cardan drive shafts is not good, but it is not true. Take a look :

1. The cardan drive shafts is not installed correctly

Whether the coupling shaft is concentric with the cardan drive shafts, the shaft and the coupling are not concentric, it is very easy to cause damage to the coupling; 

the horizontal and coaxial errors of the two shafts are too large, if the displacement is too large, it will be impossible to control, resulting in serious gear wear, Even if the teeth are broken, the internal and external teeth cannot be meshed until they cannot be transmitted. 

If the deviation of the shaft center exceeds the allowable value or excessive torque is applied, the cardan drive shafts may be plastically deformed and shorten the service life.

2. Quality problems of cardan drive shafts cushions

The plum blossom block is subject to frequent alternating stress and wear due to transmission and impact, so it is easy to damage. If it is a precision motion transmission type plum coupling, the cardan drive shafts may be subject to frequent shock and wear in the case of the coupling. 

Without the zero backlash characteristic, the accuracy of motion transmission will drop sharply at this time, which will make the coupling fail. 

The wear resistance and strength of the coupling parts are also one of the reasons that the plum blossom coupling is easily damaged.

3. The actual use of the cardan drive shafts can not meet the application conditions of the working conditions (such as the speed is too high, the torque is too low, etc.)

Whether the torque of the cardan drive shafts can reach the range of the current equipment; if the torque is not reached, the coupling is bound to be easily damaged!

The plum blossom couplings purchased on the general market for dozens of yuan or more than one hundred yuan will fail after a period of time. 

Remember, it’s not that this type of product is bad for a penny, but that the product you purchased is a problem. When purchasing cardan drive shafts, choose to use high-quality cardan drive shafts.

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