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cardan drive shafts: Design of Cardan Drive Shafts for Rolling Mill

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The cardan drive shafts is a core component in the transmission system of the rolling mill. For medium and wide plates, due to the large size of the cardan drive shafts, the harsh working conditions, the high cost, and the complex production, theoretical analysis, and engineering design are carried out.

And use these design analysis results to know that production becomes more and more important, and it is possible to expose the problem to the design stage, shorten the product development cycle, reduce product costs, and make money in the market competitiveness of products. 

Cross shaft Cardan Drive Shafts
This article mainly summarizes the main work of design and analysis of cardan drive shafts for rolling mills as follows, for reference only:

1. The kinematics and dynamics of the coupling are analyzed
For this part of the coupling, the geometry, kinematics, and mechanics theory are used to analyze and calculate. 

The geometric relationship, kinematic relationship, and dynamic relationship between the various parts of the cardan drive shafts during operation are analyzed. The efficiency and the life of the coupling are analyzed.

2. The structural design of the cardan drive shafts
The design of the cross shaft, an important component of the coupling, the structure design of the cross shaft assembly game, the bearing clearance during installation were analyzed, and the main materials, processes, and accuracy of the cross shaft and the outer ring of the bearing were analyzed.

 The analysis and structural design of the telescopic spline pair of the intermediate shaft were also carried out. On this basis, the standard and selection design method of the cross universal shaft were set, and different options for selecting the coupling and life of the installed bearing were given. And installation torque selection.

3. The design and analysis of the cardan drive shafts
According to the design requirements of Cardan Drive Shafts for rolling mills, detailed mechanical analysis and calculations were carried out on the main shaft of the coupling, the cross shaft, and the mechanical model for the design calculation of the cross shaft was established, and the mechanical analysis was carried out based on the design calculation. 

In the above, the three-dimensional solid model of the coupling was established by using the three-dimensional solid modeling technology, and the finite element analysis of the flange part, which is the component of the coupling, was carried out.

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