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Cardan Drive Shaft: structure of automobile transmission shaft system

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1. Introduction to the drive shaft system

The basic skill of the transmission shaft system is to send the driving force from the diesel engine to the driver's wheel of the car, causing the driving force to enable the car to travel at a certain rate.

For the front and rear drive cars, the torque from the diesel engine has been sent to the rear wheel through the clutch, transmission, universal joint, transmission shaft, car differential, transfer case, and transmission shaft, so the rear tires Also called driving wheel. 

The driving wheel obtains a torque to give the road a backward interaction force, and thus the road surface causes a forward recoil to the driving wheel, which is the driving force of the car. 

The front tire of the car and the drive shaft system generally do not have immediate communication on the driving force, so it is called the secondary driving wheel.

The structure and layout of the transmission shaft system change with the type of diesel engine, the installation location, and the main purpose of the car. 

For example, off-road vehicles mostly use four-wheel drive, and the total range of the transfer case is improved in its transmission shaft system. For front-mounted front-drive cars, there is no transmission shaft and other equipment in its transmission shaft system.

How many parts are there in automobile drive shaft system? What is the role?
2. The layout of the drive shaft system

The key layout of the pedal drive shaft system is related to the position of the diesel engine and the drive form of the car. Can be divided into:

1. Front front drive-FR: external diesel engine, front and rear drive

It is a traditional form of layout. Most large trucks, some small cars and some passenger cars in all countries in the world use this type of form.

2. Rear camera rear drive-RR: the rear camera of the diesel engine, front rear drive

This type of layout is mostly used in buses, and this type is also used in small and light cars. The rear camera of the diesel engine makes the front axle not easy to load, can use the total area of the car more fully, and can reasonably reduce the aspect ratio of the wooden floor of the car body or flexibly use the indoor space under the wooden floor in the middle and south of the car. 

The tank is also beneficial to alleviate the harm of the high temperature and noise of the diesel engine to the driver. The defect is that the standard of heat dissipation of the heat pipe of the diesel engine is poor, and some common faults in driving are not easy to be noticed by the driver. 

The long-distance control also makes the control organization complicated and troublesome for maintenance and adjustment. But because the advantages are more prominent, more and more applications are used in coaches.

3. Front front drive-FF: diesel engine external, front wheel drive

This type of control system is simple and the heat dissipation standard of diesel engine heat pipe is good. However, when starting uphill, the quality of the car shifts to the right, which reduces the adhesion quality of the front driving wheel, and the driving wheel is easy to deviate. 

When the car brakes on the downhill road, the quality of the front tire is too heavy, and the load of the front tire is too heavy. Turn the situation. Most cars today use this type of layout.

4. Drive shaft system of off-road vehicles

Off-road vehicles are generally all-wheel drives, with a diesel engine external, and a transfer gear behind the transmission to transmit the driving force to all the wheels.

 At this stage, light off-road vehicles are widely used in the form of 4×4 drives, small and medium-sized off-road vehicles are selected in the form of 4×4 or 6×6 drives; super heavy off-road vehicles are generally selected in the form of 6×6 or 8×8 drives.

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