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cardan drive shaft: Prevent the drive shaft from rupturing

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The cardan drive shaft is the main part of the car. The drive shaft is located on the bottom of the car. If it is stretched violently at this time (that is, When the steering wheel hits the side to the end and accelerates rapidly), it is likely to cause cracks (or may be broken by foreign objects flying under the chassis).

cardan drive shaft

The high temperature butter of the universal joint ball bearing will expand due to heat, Rotate the centrifugal force to splash out of the crack.

Once the universal joint of the drive shaft is insufficiently lubricated, its ball bearings will immediately wear out, so it will make a continuous noise of "hiding" when turning; even more, it will also make a sound when driving straight.

Quick turns are situations that friends who love to drive fast will encounter. When turning sharply, the natural steering wheel will hit the side to the end, or the angle of the turn will be very large. At this time, the torque on the transmission shaft will increase. 

The burden of the machine parts is large, and naturally it is easy to accelerate aging or wear, and shortening the life is inevitable. Here we take a look at what happens to the drive shaft of the front wheel during sharp turns.

The shape of the dust cover of the transmission shaft is like a wrinkled part where the neck of the "straw" can be bent. When we pull out the neck of the straw, if you pull too hard and pull out too much, it may cause the wrinkled part to break, so when you drink the beverage, there will be leakage of the beverage, which will not be sucked out. Phenomenon; the dust cover of the transmission shaft is the same.

Both ends of the transmission shaft have a universal mechanism, one end is connected to the gearbox, and one end is connected to the front wheel (steering wheel). 

The gimbal is filled with high-temperature lubricating oil and sealed with a rubber dust cover. At the end where the wheels are connected, it is the part where the drive shaft is prone to failure.

 Generally speaking, it is the case that the dust cover ruptures and causes oil leakage, resulting in insufficient lubrication of the universal mechanism.

The reason for the rupture of the dust cover of the transmission shaft is that the steering wheel is often driven to the left and right, and at the same time, the turning action is caused at the same time, so we remind the majority of riders to develop good driving habits, which is a guarantee for their own car health. 

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