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Cardan Drive Shaft: How to Extended service life Shafts

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To extend the life of the Cardan Drive Shafts, the first step is to remove the old ones by an experienced service technician. Then the old shafts are thoroughly cleaned and the necessary tools for their replacement are examined.

Cardan Drive Shafts

Before the installation of a new one can be done, the metal parts of the old ones must be made into rings, which are then secured in place on the new shafts. When this is completed, a new cartridge or a new sleeve must be installed in order to start the shooting.

The parts need to be cycled. It is very important to make sure that the turning of the drive assembly cannot be hindered by any loose parts. When the new one is completed, the film can be started and a "dry run" of the entire shooting sequence can be taken.

One should not be too hasty when checking the condition of the loose parts on the shafts. On the contrary, there is no point in taking the chances of damaging the components when the weather may not permit for such a test.

Once the tests have been carried out, the proper removal of the old ones should be performed. A complete disassembly is essential, when the parts are removed from the cartridge.

When damage occurs during the disassembly process, the parts must be discarded completely. This means that the production of spare parts will stop, and the remaining number of films will be stopped.

Most of the damaged parts should be replaced by new ones, but when there are enough of them, the old ones should be taken apart and the working parts are taken out. To avoid scuffing of the working parts, they should be gently removed.

The working parts should be taken into the storage area where they can be maintained in a good condition. The possibility of damage can be prevented if the working parts are properly maintained.

A perfectly clear box must be kept in the working area, where old ones can be removed for repair. The complete assembly must be checked after the operation, to verify the condition of the unit and the condition of the parts.

If there is an indication of damage or an incorrect movement, the cartidges must be stopped and a second test must be carried out. The final test must be conducted after the complete disassembly, to ascertain the smoothness of the functioning of the drive.

The greatest advantage of the Cardan Drive Shafts is the improved performance. The modern devices can Transmission larger power, use a lower amount of light, and are generally reliable.

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