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How to install maintain and repair cardan shaft?

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When install the cardan shaft,we should follow the below:

1.When install the Cardan shaft, should check the product type on the specification model, and clear the flanges of cardan shaft .

2. For the cardan shaft with length compensation, should check the two ends of the fork head phase, not at the same time, should be corrected by changing the position of the spline teeth.

3. When install, must not hammer the joint bearing.

4. Flange connecting bolts can only be worn from the flange end of the joint, the NUT is screwed by the flange side of the cardan shaft, and if the space of the joint is restricted, the double head bolts can be selected (except for special requirements).

5. Flange connection should use 10.9 class high-strength bolts and 10 high strength nut, twist the nut before the thread part of the bolt and daub a little grease.

6.Bolts, nuts need to have reliable measures to prevent loose.

7. When install should pay more attention to prevent the internal spline slip off.

8. In the possible cause of the operation of the cardan shaft caused by the damage of the site to add a universal shaft protective cover.

The maintenance and repair work of the cardan shaft can guarantee the optimal operation quality and prolong service life of the cardan shaft.

The specific contents are as follows:

1. Check whether the fasteners of various parts such as the connecting flange are loose every day. If there is any looseness, the fasteners should be banned immediately.

2. Check whether the bearing of the universal shaft is hot and noisy, and the spline is seriously damaged, with abnormal vibration and noise.If such a situation arises, it is necessary to find out the cause in time and remove the universal shaft to replace the parts and other repair measures, so as to avoid the work of the universal shaft.

3. Regular lubrication is the key, and the lubrication cycle can be controlled flexibly according to the use environment of universal shaft.

4. According to the difference of the use industry and the impact of the site environment, the maintenance cycle of the universal shaft varies from 3 to 12 months, and the user is determined according to his actual situation.

The focus of maintenance is to inspect, clean and replace parts of the cross shaft assembly.The original sealing ring must be replaced.Due to the complexity and condition limitation of the wan-directional shaft, it is recommended that the customer should remove the flange bushing on both ends of the universal shaft, and then ship it to Sitong Cardan Shaft for overhaul.We suggest that the spline should not be pulled apart to avoid the wrong fashion.

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