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How to solve the coupling failure

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The coupling is indispensable in transmission, it has many types, able to adapt to the needs of different industries. Different coupling performance is not the same, of course, if in the process of using the coupling do not pay attention to maintenance, it is prone to problems, let us look at the coupling in the failure to how to solve the coupling process in use mainly appears in these problems, the tooth surface mode coupling is very serious, the ring gear axial displacement is relatively large, basically can not be engaged, sometimes even broken tooth coupling phenomenon, the axis is antithetical couplet is a lot of damage. The coupling is the need to pay more attention to the use of the time, not because of improper use damage coupling.

The coupling failure in the process of using the coupling is mainly due to lack of oil when in use, or oil when in use improper methods. There is a possibility of two level and coaxial coupling degree difference is large, more than the capacity of the coupling range. The coupling failure to find solutions when in use, can point to the coupling of lubricating oil, the displacement should be corrected.

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