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Drive Shafts | Troubleshooting Your Trucks Drive Shafts

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The drive shaft of your pickup is a large, strong piece of metal that connects the engine to the transmission. When it gets tired, it begins to wear and lose effectiveness, so when this happens you need to make sure that it's lubricated, properly balanced, and properly adjusted for its working weight.

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Driving across the street while your car is in gear is a common problem, as the drive shaft is subject to sudden changes in resistance while the vehicle is in motion. That's why your vehicle is susceptible to vibrating noises that aren't there. You have to be alert to the sounds of vibration and respond immediately to ensure that your driveshaft is in working order.

Typically, you would first notice a subtle crack or fissure on the drive shaft itself. Once you hear this, you should pull your vehicle off the ground and look closely at the drive shaft itself. A simple crack or fissure is usually all that is required to bring your driveshaft back into a working condition.

More severe problems can occur if the driveshaft gets pulled from the transmission or causes serious damage to the other transmission components. If the drive shaft gets to an extreme degree that it no longer function properly, you'll need to know what the proper way of maintaining and servicing your vehicle is. This is because drive shaft problems are normally caused by outside influences, such as a collision or other vehicle trouble.

A lubricant is the most critical component when it comes to keeping your driveshaft lubricated and working correctly, and it needs to be a high quality product. Quality lubes will protect your driveshaft and allow you to maintain it efficiently, without introducing additional stress to the unit.

Proper balance is also very important. If you find that your trucks are drifting to one side or the other, you'll want to see if you can adjust the alignment a bit so that your truck is spinning properly. Once you adjust your truck and find that you're no longer drifting, then you can make sure your drive shaft is correctly balanced.

If you have already addressed the proper alignment issue and found that it doesn't require any further attention, then you can go ahead and rest assured that your driveshaft is running properly. It is crucial that you always make sure that the alignment of your driveshaft is correct before trying to service your drive shaft.

When your drive shaft breaks, you must see to it that you have properly balanced the unit and that it is properly lubricated. Improper lubrication can be responsible for causing future wear and tear on your driveshaft, which can cause serious damage to your engine, transmission, and other components.

If your transmission ever gets seriously affected by poor or improper lubrication, it will likely get progressively worse until it actually starts to blow apart. In order to prevent this from happening, you need to make sure that your driveshaft is properly balanced and that it is properly lubricated.

Drive Shaft Bearing Problems - When your driveshaft bearings start to fail, you need to immediately get to the store to find replacement bearings for your truck. Many different types of bearings are available to fit just about any application, and they're easy to replace as well.

Air Compression Force - When your driveshaft bearings begin to fail, it's possible that they will squeeze the air compression forces of the motor, causing damage to the engine and any other components that are near the driveshaft. If this happens, it's imperative that you immediately get out of the car and look at the drive shaft to make sure that the broken bearings were not compressed from compression and that you aren't doing further damage to the engine.

Driveshaft Basics - If you notice anything that seems strange with your driveshaft, you should take it to the repair shop right away. Broken driveshafts typically fail because of physical damage that has been done to the unit itself, so it's always a good idea to get a shop to look at it immediately.

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