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Cardan Shaft | The removing the Cardan Shaft of Cayenne

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Why do I bring this up? Well, simply because I'd like to save you from the amount of money you would have to spend, if you decide to remove the cardan shaft. We're in the business of selling and modifying cars, so we are aware of the fact that an unscrewing procedure could potentially damage the hardware inside of the engine bay.

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Of course, as I've said before, the situation could've been even worse if we had to replace the entire Cardan shaft when actually it would've been easier to just remove it and install a new one. The problem here is that the part itself doesn't move and if you want to get rid of it without spending a lot of money, the choice is a bad one.

Even so, the proper care is always recommended so you can ensure a long and reliable life span for your Porsche. And that's why you should take all precautions you can to ensure the safety of your Cardan shaft.

In the event you decide to unload the cardan shaft, you should first identify the part that is causing you the problems. By doing this, you can know what exactly needs to be replaced and then you can figure out which part is more important.

Next, you should check if you're dealing with a car dealership or Porsche dealer. You may find that there are two different shafts to deal with - one that is fixed, the other that is removable. While in a typical auto repair shop, it will be relatively easy to unload the shaft, this isn't always the case when dealing with Porsche dealerships.

For instance, there could be a number of different cards to deal with in one vehicle. To simplify things, let's say that there is only one Cardan shaft on the vehicle - it will be much easier to unload the shaft and get it ready for the proper installation.

If, however, you are dealing with a Porsche dealer, the issue might be quite different. This means that you will have to try out the device first before it is actually installed. Of course, there are already some people who attempt to install the device and end up screwing it up.

Before you start to try to remove the cardan shaft, make sure that you thoroughly read the manual, and make sure that you have all the materials needed for the initial installation. There are often a lot of adapters and screws involved with the installation process and sometimes, you will need a friend to help you with the process.

Take all the precautions you can, because you do not want to ruin the Cardan shaft on a long term basis. Remember, the Porsche Cayenne drives like crazy and if it gets into an accident, it can be fatal.

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