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Industrial Cardan Shafts | Storage Recommendations for Shaft

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All cardan shafts for industry should be stocked in horizontal position in clean and weather protected areas. The storage room should be dry, clean and well ventilated. 

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Prolonged storage outside of a suggested temperature range from +5°C to +30°C is not recommended. Avoid rapid fluctuation of temperatures during the day to prevent risk of condensation. 

Storage places or containers should be protected from direct sunlight. Impact of ozone can be particularly harmful to plastic and rubber components. 

Therefore storeroom layout should prevent storage close to electrical appliances which produce ozone (e.g. welding machines, DC electric motors, spark inducing machines…).

Store the products in suitable boxes or containers to avoid moisture and condensation. Contact with oil, grease and /or water (directly or through the ambient air) should be prevented. 

Thees cardan shafts should never be stored directly on the floor or set onto wet and/or dirty surface. The articles should be packed in a relaxed state, overcrowding of containers and stacking should be avoided. 

Shafts must rest on an appropriate base (wood, cardboard etc.) to prevent bending stress on the shaft assemblies, over bending of the joints, pinching or deformation of guards, seals and boots. 

Use appropriate frames or racks to ensure this. If the driveshafts are to be stored for a long period (6 months or more), the connecting interfaces (flanges, stems) and other non-protected surfaces should be treated with an anti-corrosion agent. 

Additional wrapping in rust protection paper can improve the protection level. Lubricants should be stored in sealed containers, closed cartridges or tubes, as supplied. 

To check the condition of stocked grease, if applicable, look out for non-homogenous consistency, distinct discoloration and excessive bleed of base oil from the compound.

Always visually check industrial cardan shafts and components removed from stock for damage and material condition before any assembly or supply. 

Pay special attention to components from polymeric materials (e.g. CV boots, O-rings, lip seals, center support bearing etc…) which can change properties during storage, and can eventually be damaged, due to aging and degradation processes. 

Polymeric parts should be inspected for loss of elasticity and embrittlement, cracking or deformation. Cardan shafts for industry and Universal joints being pulled from storage after more than 6 months' time must be re-lubricated prior to being placed into operation.

 Please observe the proper installation instructions. CV type shafts with ball joints assembled with boots are maintenance-free and do not require greasing.

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