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Introduction to Industrial Cardan Shaft

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The motion characteristic of industrial cardan shafts:

A complete set of the industrial cardan shaft is composed of different number of universal joints in different connection ways. It consists of a bearing and two forks connected to both the driving shaft and the driven shaft. The two axes cross at a certain angle. It is called the angle between the axis of the input or output axis.


Sliding spline composed of sliding fork and spline shaft is usually set in cardan drive shaft to realize the change of transmission length. In order to reduce the axial sliding resistance and wear of the sliding spline, we sometimes phosphate the spline teeth or spray the nylon layer. In some cases, rolling elements such as needle, roller or ball are put into the splined keyway to replace sliding friction and improve transmission efficiency. But the structure is complex and costly.


Sometimes, for the transmission with severe impact load, the flexible industrial universal drive shaft is adopted. Splines on industrial crossed drive shafts shall be lubricated and dustproof. Spline teeth and keyway clearance should not be too large. And shall be assembled according to the corresponding mark, so as not to damage the dynamic balance of the industrial cardan shaft assembly due to improper installation.


The shaft sleeve of the industrial transmission shaft is designed to reduce the friction and wear of the shaft when it moves.The basic purpose is the same as bearing. And it's relatively cheap, but it has a lot of friction resistance, so it's only used on some parts. Most of the sleeves are made of copper, but there are also plastic sleeves. The sleeve is usually placed in the shaft and supporting structure, and is very close to the supporting structure, only the shaft can rotate on the sleeve.When the shaft and sleeve are assembled, a lubricant is added between them to reduce the friction caused by the rotation.

The distance between the drive shaft and the driven shaft of the truck is far, and the drive shaft is connected, so the center hanger is adopted.

Usually the central hanger is in or below the beam in the frame. Some of the hangers are bolted in the crossbeam, others are hoisted under the crossbeam.

The hanger has two sets of ball bearings and one bearing pedestal, with different shapes of rubber gaskets attached between the outer edge of the bearing pedestal and the hole of the hanger pedestal.

The rear end of the front drive shaft is located by the central hanger, which can ensure the positioning and rotation of the front and rear drive shaft. Meanwhile, the front drive shaft can have micro-oscillation and axial micro-channeling.


The above is the introduction to industrial cardan shaft, I hope the above can help you.


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