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Telescopic Drive Shafts

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The telescopic drive shafts (also called cardan shafts) have a variety of design types, such as Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel and Leveler Strength.

telescopic drive shafts

A telescopic drive shaft includes an axially extending inner shaft member slidably supported within an axially extending tubular shaped outer shaft member. Rolling bodies are mounted in one or a plurality of support members secured to the inner or outer shaft member. 

The rolling bodies project and roll along axially extending grooves in the other of the inner and outer shaft members. The rolling bodies provide relative sliding movement between the shaft members and also effect torque transmission between the shaft members. 

Each rolling body extends into at least one ring-shaped recess in its support member and guide balls located in the recess support the rolling body. Each recess is located in a plane parallel to the axis of the drive shaft, at least three guide balls are located in each recess, though a full ring of guide balls can be used.

Drive shafts, also called articulated shafts, are shafts that include two universal joints. The simplest type of propeller shaft contains a joint at each end. The configuration is essentially an extended double joint for overcoming distances and offsets between the drive and the driven load. Drive shafts also provide a solution for bridging angular misalignment.

Telescopic Drive Shafts
Drive shafts can contain a telescopic middle element that enables quicker and simpler repositioning than possible with a rigid two-joint shaft. They allow for easy length adjustment in axial misalignments.
Spring-Loaded, Quick-Change Shafts for Reducing Downtime
Spring-loaded drive shafts consist of two back-to-back single universal joints connected with a spring-loaded intermediate shaft. It allows the drive shaft to be quickly removed and replaced without tools. Pinning of outer yokes is not required because the spring tension on the intermediate shafts holds the quick-change universal joint secure at each end.
Fail-Safe Stop Solution
Spring-loaded drive shafts can be customized to include a fail-safe solution. If the application seriously exceeds the joint's rated torque capacity, the drive shaft can be designed to fail and stop in a safe fashion, without damaging the motor.

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