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Cardan Shaft for Food Packing Industry

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We are specialized in manufacturing industrial cardan shafts such as steel mills, power plants, cement plants, food packing industry and high-end Mercedes-Benz automotive transmission shafts.


Cardan shafts and other drive parts used in the food industry must meet special requirements for the selection of materials involved in the ongoing cleaning of equipment.

Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft CO., Ltd provides accurate cardan shafts to these requirements. This starts with actual food production and processing and ends with finished product packaging.


1. Intermediate shaft coupling cardan shaft for precise synchronisation in multi-axis filling equipment


Oldham couplings cardan shaft with steel hubs are used in automated portion handling and most accurate portioning of meat products. In the process of beverage filling, the multi-axis system is used to meet the high production level. This depends entirely on the accuracy and precision of the shaft synchronization. For this purpose, our cardan shafts are used. Intermediate shaft, hubs and other components are made of stainless steel in the appropriate grade. For fastening components and as axial retaining means, shaft collars are often used in machines. With regard to this, Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft CO., Ltd offers one-piece or radially mountable two-piece: clamping collars made of stainless steel.  


2. FDA-compliant shaft collars

Shaft sleeve is usually used in machines with fixed parts and axial fixation devices. For example, in filling plants, machine parts are permanently subjected to cleaning processes. Wash Down shaft collars, made of stainless steel and additionally encapsulated, are the right solution here. Their smooth, uninterrupted surfaces can be easily high-pressure cleaned.  All the materials used are FDA-compliant.


3. Stainless steel safety clutches

Many workstations use stainless steel safety clutches to protect parts or machine parts from overload. With 5000 series bevel gear reducers, our company provides transmission shafts for food and beverage industry. Their housings and shafts are made of 1.4401 stainless steel, thus meeting the high requirements in this industry.


4. Backlash-free couplings cardan shafts for exact dosing in tubular bag machines

At the end of a process, products are packed and marked in appropriate units of measurement. In the board container installer, ST cardan drive shaft can complete its precise work. Then they are filled with products. This is often the case of vacuum grippers which grab the products and place them in a cardboard box via a pick-and-place procedure. Also our cardan shafts are used here due to the high-precision requirements which must be met in intermittent operation. Tubular bag machines and machines for filling them via metering screws are further examples - in this case for food in a powdery consistency such as ready made soups.

Sensors monitor the flow with great accuracy at any point of the processes. Beam couplings Beamflex are used in this case as encoder couplings. They are partially made of stainless steel.

Other stainless steel products and drive components tailored to the industry are available in our cardan shafts, such as: stainless steel rigid couplings, and bellows couplings with stainless steel bellows and stainless steel hubs in a welded design and more.


Our company provides the best quality transmission shaft, the most sincere customer service.We can customize cardan shaft as you required. Kindly please tell me your detailed requirements, such as torque or flange diameter, rotational speed, drawings, so that I can design for you.

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