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Cardan Shaft for Paper Making Machinery

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1. The cardan shaft used in papermaking machinery is made of alloy steel, which is strong, durable and has good performance.

The cross shaft is often one of the weakest parts of the universal coupling. The cross package assembly products on the market are of different quality levels, mainly due to different material selection and processing and heat treatment processes. The cross package assembly of Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft CO., LTD has passed a fairly strict inspection, which has greatly improved the requirements of wear-resisting performance and strength hardness, and its service life is longer than those of other manufacturers.Cross - pack nozzle, easy to oil, to ensure that the oil can quickly enter the bearing needs to be lubricated.

2. Technology for heating processing

The heat treatment of transmission shaft is mainly the quenching of spline shaft and the adjustment of blank. We have very strict requirements on the heat treatment process of the cardan drive shaft.

3. Process

I plant transmission shaft processing technology requirements are very strict, the quality of the pursuit of very harsh, this in the peer occupy a great advantage.


Structural characteristics of the transmission shaft used in papermaking machinery: reasonable structure, safe and reliable use, adopting integral fork head, avoiding the weak link caused by short bolt shearing, extending service life and facilitating maintenance. The cardan shaft should be selected according to load characteristics to calculate torque, bearing life and working speed.


Points for attention to the transmission shaft used in paper making machinery:


Transportation and storage

1. The handling of the transmission shaft should be carried out horizontally to prevent damage. When the drive shaft is lowered, attention should be paid to avoid damaging the bearing.

2. The transmission shaft should be stored in a dry place to avoid sun exposure and rain. Avoid being with substances such as acid-base or organic solvents during storage.


 Installation and use

1. The installation of the transmission shaft for paper making machinery must be in accordance with the design requirements. Both can be active or passive in principle. But try to keep the spline fit away from the vibration or impact source.

2. Clean the grease and paint of the flange joint before installation, and eliminate the adverse factors to the joint.

3.The red arrow mark of the spline shaft and spline sleeve should be aligned to prevent dislocation.

4.The mechanical properties of the high-strength bolt and nut of the flange connection shall meet the requirements of 10.9/10.

5.The installed transmission shaft should be tightened again after one shift with load, so as to repeat two shifts to prevent loosening.

Maintenance and repair

1. Grease has been added to the transmission shaft of the newly manufactured paper machine without immediate refueling. If the transmission shaft is stored for more than three months, it needs to be refilled.

2. The transmission shaft is usually lubricated with no. 2 lithium grease, which runs continuously for 300 hours under normal conditions and must be refilled once a week at high temperature.

3. Normal operation of the transmission shaft, maintenance work at ordinary times only need to listen to the operation of abnormal noise. Observe whether the radial beat is abnormal, whether the drive shaft bolts are loose, etc.

4. The maintenance period is usually half a year. Check the wear degree of bearing or cross shaft during maintenance. If the wear is serious, it should be replaced.

5. If the transmission shaft needs to be maintained, it is recommended to be carried out by our professional staffs for dynamic balance.

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