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Industrial Cardan Shaft for Coating Equipment

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Painting is an important part of surface manufacturing process. Anti-rust, anti-corrosion, beauty and the use of changing the material itself is the quality of painting. Product appearance quality not only reflects product protection, decorative performance, but also constitutes an important factor of product value. The painting equipment is a crucial part of the entire painting process. The main coating equipment includes pre-coating surface pretreatment equipment, painting equipment, film drying and curing equipment, mechanical conveying equipment, dust-free constant temperature and humidity air supply equipment and other ancillary equipment.


The most critical part of the coating equipment is the connection of the industrial cardan shaft. What is industrial cardan shaft? The industrial cardan shaft is used to transfer power, it is a high speed, less supported rotating body. The industrial cardan drive shaft is composed of shaft tube, expansion sleeve and universal joint. Then, where is the industrial transmission shaft connected to the painting equipment? In painting equipment, the industrial propeller shaft is used to connect the motor and gear box. To be sure, simply wiring a motor feels sloppy. It is true that the motor is always in a state of motion, and the connection of an object in motion must be very precise. Jiangsu Sitong Machinery Manufacturing CO., LTD can guarantee the accuracy of industrial universal joint shaft. Only by ensuring the precision of parts, can the whole equipment operate without pressure, and can the user be assured.


The industrial cardan joint we use for coating equipment has the following characteristics:

1.  The relative position of the connected motor and gear box changes within the expected range and can reliably transfer power;

2. The connected motor and gear box can operate uniformly.The additional load, vibration and noise due to the angle of our industrial cardan shaft are within the allowable range;

3. High transmission efficiency, long service life, simple structure, convenient manufacturing and easy maintenance.


Our company provides customized industrial cardan drive shaft service: medium duty industrial cardan shaft, light duty industrial cardan joint, short industrial cardan drive shaft and so on. As long as you can provide torque, drawings, detailed dimensions or the use of industrial cardan drive shaft, we can tailor the industrial transmission shaft you want. And we guarantee the quality and service.

We have first-class production line and strict management system.

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