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How to Fix Industrial Cardan Shaft

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When the lubrication effect of industrial cardan shaft and bearing shell fails to meet the requirement, a variety of fault features will appear. If the oil pressure is low, the part between the shaft and the bearing shell will cause damage and damage to the moving surface due to direct contact with the shaft. At this time, the shaft surface is blue. If the lubricating oil fails or the pressure cannot be built up, the moving surface loses the oil film protection completely, and direct contact is made for dry friction.


The industrial transmission shaft belongs to the category of mechanical common parts, which is used to connect the driving shaft and driven shaft in different mechanisms, so that they can rotate together to transfer the torque. In the power transmission of high speed and heavy load, some cardan shaft can buffer, reduce vibration and improve the dynamic performance of shafting. The industrial driving shaft is composed of two parts, respectively connected with the driving shaft and the driven shaft. The general power machine is mostly connected by industrial cardan drive shaft and working machine. In the late 20th century, domestic and foreign industrial propeller shaft products developed rapidly. How to choose the cardan shafts which can meet the requirements of the machine from various industrial cardan shafts with many varieties and different performances in product design is always a problem for most designers.


Some bearing varieties that are really difficult to purchase have to be repaired after failure without spare parts, especially imported bearing; Bearing slightly damaged, for example, slight rust in the storage period and slight micro abrasion in the transportation process can be easily repaired and discarded. In addition to economy, the repair of industrial transmission shaft is also technical. This requires the repairer to fully understand the corresponding technical requirements of the bearing and the structural, technological and material characteristics of the bearing and its parts.


In order to ensure the normal operation of the cardan shaft in the use of machinery and ensure its service life, it is best to do the following points:

1. In the use of machinery, it must be noted that first is slow speed, slow acceleration is more consistent with the use of machinery.

2. The balance of the transmission shaft needs to work through the balance sheet, so it is very important to check its balance. Generally in the maintenance of the main time, must pay attention to its original assembly relations.

3. Check the working condition of the transmission shaft, which must be carried out every day, in order to ensure that the use of the propeller shaft is more normal. Check the fasteners of the joint flange and other parts every day. If any, please immediately tighten.

4. Periodic lubrication is the key. The lubrication cycle can be controlled flexibly according to the working environment of cardan shaft. Generally speaking, it is better to inject lithium base grease in summer. In winter, it is also necessary to inject lithium base grease. But the numbers of these two lithium base grease are different.

5. Check the bearing of the drive shaft for heating and noise, the spline pair is worn seriously, abnormal vibration and noise. In case of such a situation, the cause shall be ascertained in time and repair measures such as replacing the cardan shaft shall be taken to avoid the cardan shaft disease.

6. The service cycle of cardan shaft varies from 3 to 12 months according to the different use industry and the influence of the site environment. Users can decide according to their actual situation. The focus of maintenance is to inspect, clean and replace the components of the cross shaft assembly. The original seal ring must be replaced. The four-way transmission shaft recommends that the spline pairs should not be pulled apart under normal circumstances for the retractable transmission shaft to avoid the mistake of reloading.

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