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Remanufacture of industrial cardan shaft

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The Remanufacture of the industrial cardan shaft is the process of revitalizing the old transmission shaft equipment. The Remanufacture of the industrial transmission shaft is the process of revitalizing the old transmission shaft equipment. It takes the old transmission shaft as the blank, adopts the specialized technology and the technology, carries on the new manufacture on the original manufacture foundation, and the re-manufactured transmission shaft whether the performance or the quality is not inferior to the original transmission shaft.


The remanufacturing process of the transmission shaft generally includes seven steps, that is, the cleaning of the transmission shaft, the disassembly of the transmission shaft, the recleaning, testing, the classification of the remanufactured parts, the selection of remanufacturing technology, the remanufacturing, and the inspection.


1. Drive shaft cleaning

Drive shaft cleaning is an important step in transmission shaft remanufacturing engineering. The cleanliness of cleaning is very important for testing the performance of the transmission shaft and determining the accuracy of the remanufacturing cardan shaft.

The purpose is to remove dust, oil, dirt and other dirt from the shaft. External cleaning generally USES 1~10MPa pressure of cold water to flush. For the thick layer of contaminants with high density, an appropriate amount of chemical cleaning agent can be added and the injection pressure and temperature can be increased. Common cleaning equipment includes: single gun jet cleaner, multi-nozzle jet cleaner and so on.


2. Cardan shaft disassembled

By analyzing the constraint relation between the parts of the product, the removal path of the transmission shaft is determined and the removal of the cardan shaft is completed.


3. Cardan shaft cleaning

The cleaning of the cardan shaft is to select appropriate equipment, tools, process and cleaning medium to clean the shaft according to the material, precision degree, pollutant nature of the transmission shaft and the requirement of cleanliness of the parts. The cleaning of the transmission shaft helps to find the problems and defects of the transmission shaft, which is of great significance in the process of parts remanufacturing.


4. Transmission shaft detection

Cardan shaft detection not only affects the quality of remanufacturing, but also affects the cost of remanufacturing. After the parts are removed from the machine, the technical status needs to be determined through testing. Common detection contents and methods include:

(1) Part geometry accuracy. Test items include roundness, cylindrical degree, flatness, straightness, contour degree and surface profile. Generally, general measuring tools are used for testing, such as vernier measuring tools, screw micrometer measuring tools, gauges, dial gauges and dial gauges.

(2) Precision of part surface position. Test items include: coaxiality, symmetry, position, parallelism, perpendicularity, slope, and runout, etc. Generally, the test USES the universal measuring tools such as mandrel, gauge and percentile to measure each other.

(3) Part surface quality. The test items include: fatigue flaking, corrosion pitting, cracks and scratches, etc. The cracks can be detected by penetration inspection, magnetic particle inspection, eddy current inspection and ultrasonic inspection.

(4) Internal defects of parts. Internal defects include cracks, pores, loose, inclusions, etc. For the defects near the surface, magnetic powder and eddy current can also be used.

(5) Mechanical and physical properties of parts. The hardness of parts can be tested by electromagnetic induction, ultrasonic and remanence.The depth of hardened layer and magnetic permeability can be tested by electromagnetic induction. The surface stress state can be measured by X-ray, photoelastic, magnetic and ultrasonic methods.

(6) Part weight and balance. Some parts, such as piston, piston connecting rod set weight difference needs to be detected. Some high-speed parts, such as crankshaft flywheel sets, automobile transmission shaft, etc. need to be in motion balance check. The imbalance of the high-speed parts will cause vibration and form additional dynamic loads on other parts to accelerate parts wear or other damage. Dynamic balancing shall be carried out on a special dynamic balancing machine.


5. Remanufacturing parts classification

Remanufactured parts shall be classified according to their common geometry, damage property and process characteristics. The main purposes of part classification are:

(1) It is used to develop typical process and group process.

(2) Identify common remanufacturing equipment for remanufacturing groups of similar parts.

(3) Organize work place.

(4) The difference in quota is eliminated when the same and similar parts are remanufactured.

(5) Mechanize statistical, planned production and other operations.

(6) Establish reasonable shop floor and shop floor transportation plan.

(7) Select the best production structure for the parts remanufacturing section and workshop of the remanufacturing enterprise.

To sum up, the classification of remanufactured parts provides conditions for remanufacturing enterprises to realize remanufacturing by mass or batch method.


6. Selection of remanufacturing techniques

Select the appropriate remanufacturing technology according to the remanufacturing enterprise's technical level, transmission shaft damage and the technical, economic and environmental characteristics of various remanufacturing technologies.


7. Refabrication

According to the selected remanufacturing technology, the remanufacturing of the industrial cardan shaft.


8. Checkout

Check the remanufactured drive shaft parts to see if they meet the technical requirements. Its specific content and method are the same as the transmission shaft detection method.

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