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How to maintain the cardan shaft

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The maintenance and nursing work of cardan shaft can ensure the best operation quality and prolong service life of cardan shaft, and the concrete contents are as follows:


1. every day check the joint flange and other parts of the fastener is loose, if the loosening should be immediately banned


2. Check whether the bearing of the cardan shaft is hot and noisy, the wear of the spline pair is serious, and there is abnormal vibration and noise. If such a situation arises, the cause should be identified in a timely manner and remove the universal shaft to take replacement parts, such as repair measures to avoid the work of the cardan shaft.


3. regular lubrication is the key, lubrication cycle according to the use of the universal axis of the environment, good or bad flexibility.


4. according to the use of different industries and affected by the site environment, the maintenance cycle of the cardan shaft in 3-12 months, the user according to their own actual situation to determine. The focus of maintenance is to inspect, clean and replace the components of the cross axle assembly. The original seal ring must be renewed. As a result of the damage of the cardan shaft complex and condition restrictions, we recommend that the customer at the scene to dismantle the flange sleeve at both ends of the shaft, will be shipped to the Wai Cheng Cardan shaft overhaul. We recommend that you do not pull out the spline pair in the case of a telescopic universal axis in order to avoid restoring fashion errors.

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