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Cardan shaft for Rolling Mills

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As we know cardan shaft plays an important role in Rolling Mill. Why we use cardan shaft for rolling mill, here has an overview for you to find the answer.


1. Function :

Cardan shaft is used to connect various different types of shafts, enable them to rotating together, then we can achieve the purpose of transfer torque . And the shafts here mean drive shaft bearing and driven shaft bearing. Therefore, it’s a kind of mechanical parts. Besides, some Cardan shafts have the function of buffering , damping and so on.

2. Materials :

The material of Cardan shafts usually used four kinds of steels, such as 45# steel, 45# forged steel, 40# chrome and cast iron.

3. Structure Type :

There are many kinds of Cardan shaft, such as across type , ball-cage type, ball-yoke type, tracta type, ball-pin type... And the across type is the most used in industry.

 4. Advantages :

Cardan shaft has good compensation capacity of across angle, tight structure and high transmission efficiency.

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