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Cause and Solution of Shaking of Industrial Cardan Shaft

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The industrial cardan shaft sometimes vibrates when used. The main causes of shaking of the cardan shaft are as follows:

1. The balance patch or element on the cardan shaft is not compensated for movement.


2. The balance patch or element on the cardan shaft is not compensated for movement. When assembling, two universal joints of the same industrial universal joint shaft are not in the same plane.


3. The bending of the cardan shaft, sag of the shaft, and the deflection of the cardan fork and spline shaft welded with the shaft shaft when the gear shaft is assembled are not marked right or the cardan shaft are welded, thus the dynamic balance of the original is destroyed.


4. Flange connection bolts of cardan shaft are loose, which makes the cardan shaft deflection.


5. The spline shaft of the universal drive shaft and the spline of the sleeve wear too much, resulting in excessive clearance.


The vibration of cardan shaft is reflected in the good technical condition of cardan shaft and expansion joint. When the cardan shaft rotates at high speed, it produces abnormal sound, and the higher the rotating speed, the louder the sound.


So what do we need to do when we know the cause?


1. Check whether the shaft tube of universal drive shaft has bumps and dents and the balance sheet is lost. The loss of the balance sheet requires rewelding of the same balance sheet at the original spot. If the cardan shaft shaft has obvious sag, which makes the cardan coupling lose its balance, the spline shaft and the cardan coupling should be cut off on the lathe, a core shaft smaller than the inner diameter of the shaft tube should be inserted, and the hammer should be tapped on the sag. The spline shaft and the universal shaft fork are then soldered back into place. In order to guarantee the repair quality, the shaft tube should be put on the special support during welding. First, the number of welding points should be symmetrical around the circumference, and then its yaw should be corrected, and then soldered along the circumference. After soldering and cooling.If the swing is too large, solder it again. The process is complex. If the cardan shaft is damaged in a large area, it needs to be replaced.


2. Check the flange connection bolts of the cardan shaft to see if they are loose and tighten as necessary.


3. Remove the cardan shaft assembly and conduct balance test on the balance machine.


4. Check whether the expansion joint is installed according to the mark. If it is installed correctly, the car body should be set up and the engine should be started to operate at low idle speed. If the swing momentum of cardan transmission shaft is large, a needle can be used to measure the yaw position, direction and yaw. If the two ends of the drive shaft are not straight or bent, a cold pressing correction of the soft metal matching the shaft tube shall be performed on the strip.

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