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Points of Attention Using the Cardan Shaft

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How to use the cardan shaft?

On the one hand, it is necessary to avoid the damage factors of the universal drive shaft, and on the other hand, to use the cardan drive shaft according to the safety of the cardan shaft.


Factors causing damage to cardan shaft:

The damage to the cardan shaft is caused by a number of factors, and the following are the main factors that cause the damage to the universal drive shaft:


1. Damage caused by environmental factors: for example, discharge corrosion caused by induced electricity, corrosion caused by acid and alkali gas, corrosion caused by deterioration of lubricating oil, etc..

2. Damage caused by wear: this is the most common cause of damage caused by continuous running of the cardan shaft relative to the motion components.

3. Damage caused by human error: including improper selection, substandard machining accuracy, poor installation, poor maintenance, etc..

4. Damage caused by fracture: due to the fatigue limit of the shaft element exceeding the shaft element, the element of crossed drive shaft is broken and damaged.

5. Damage caused by connecting bolts: the design and selection of connecting bolts and improper installation are also important reasons for the damage of the drive shaft.


Safety use of cardan shaft:

The cardan shaft is the intermediate connecting part of each motion mechanism, which has a direct impact on the normal operation of the various sports bodies.


Therefore, it must be noted when using:

1. The cardan drive shaft is not allowed to exceed the specified axis deflection and radial displacement, so as not to affect its transmission performance.

2. The bolts of the cardan shafts shall not be loose or defective.

3. The crossed drive shaft of the gear cardan shaft and the cross sliding block should be lubricated regularly, and the grease should be added once every 2 ~ 3 months to avoid the severe wear and tear of the gear teeth.

4. The length of tooth width of the gear cardan shaft should not be less than 70%; Its axial momentum must not be greater than 5mm.

5. There are no cracks in the cardan drive shafts. If there is a crack, it needs to be replaced (with a small hammer, depending on the sound).

6. The key of the connecting rod should be tight and not loose.

7. The tooth thickness of the gear cardan shaft is worn, and when the lifting mechanism exceeds 15% of the original tooth thickness, it should be scrapped when the operating mechanism exceeds 25%, and it should be scrapped when it has broken teeth.

8. The elastic ring of the shaft pin universal drive shaft, the sealing ring of the gear cardan shaft, should be replaced in time if there is any damage to aging.


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