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The Dynamic Balance Problem of Cardan Shaft

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An unbalanced cardan shaft generates a pressure on its supporting structure and the cardan shaft itself during its rotation and causes vibration. Therefore, the dynamic balance of the cardan drive shaft is very necessary.


So for the cardan shaft, in a state of dynamic balance check into, the effect of dynamic balance are:

1. Improving cardan shaft and its composition of product quality

2. Reducing noise

3. Reducing vibration

4. Improving the life of bearing components (bearing)

5. Reducing the discomfort of users

6. Reducing the power consumption of the single side vertical balancing machine products


The cardan drive shafts make its center of mass for a variety of reasons or the inertial principal axis and axis misalignment, the operation will generate unbalanced centrifugal inertia force, the centrifugal inertia coupling force and dynamic deflection (modal) phenomenon, known as the imbalance of the crossed drive shaft, this imbalance is bound to cause the vibration of shaft system, which affects the normal work and service life of the machine, so we consider to it. The degree of imbalance (unbalance measurement U) is usually expressed by the mass m of the cardan shaft and the product Mr of the center of mass to the cardan drive shaft of the cardan shaft, which is called the mass diameter product.


Also, the mass diameter of the unit mass is expressed as eccentricity e (not eccentricity in geometrical sense). Mr is a relative quantity relative to cardan shaft mass, and eccentricity e is an absolute quantity independent of crossed drive shaft mass.The former is more intuitive and is often used for the balancing operation of a given cardan shaft. The latter is used to measure the balance of the cardan shaft or to detect the balance accuracy. The balance level of the coupling is evaluated by e.For the flexible cardan drive shaft, the vibration type eccentricity (the NTH order mode) en=Un/mn, Un and mn are respectively the NTH order mode and the order mode mass.


To correct or minimize coupling unbalance, balance should be according to the need to select the appropriate level, and the products manufactured and installed on the machine, after the completion of the balance (correction) specified in the coupling plane, through the increase or decrease the appropriate quality, the method of equilibrium level requirement.This process is called balance correction, or balance.


How to do dynamic balance test of the cardan shaft?

According to the customer's product r/min and accuracy level parameters do the dynamic balance test, if any problems with the test, we will add the balance block at both end of the cardan shaft, and then continue to dynamic balance test to know the results of the product test to meet the min and precision level parameters.


If the dynamic balance of the transmission shaft is not good, vibration will occur when rotating at high speed, which will lead to early wear of the bearing and other stressed parts. The service life of transmission shaft is mainly in maintenance, so the dynamic balance of the transmission is of great importance.


The transmission shaft of SITONG has passed dynamic balance test, the cardan shaft quality can be guaranteed. If you have any questions about the dynamic balance test or our drive shafts, please feel free to contact us.

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