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How to Implement Precision Control of Cardan Drive Shaft?

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The cardan shaft we produce is compact in structure and high in transmission efficiency. Before production, we will modify the drawing of the drive shaft according to the client’s request. Meanwhile, we will adopt raw material with the best quality to the cardan drive shaft and use the new welding calibration automation equipment. During production, we will carry on rough machining and precision machining to the transmission shaft in order to guarantee the quality of it.

Our company can issue the drawings according to the data provided by the customer or the specific requirements. Before the final draft, we can modify the drawings according to the specific requirements of the customer. The final  drive shaft can also be made according to the drawings provided by customers.After the final drawing is determined, we will decompose and draw the drawing according to each part, in order to guarantee the precision of the final transmission shaft.


To ensure quality, we use different materials for each part of the cardan shaft, whose quality is always the best. Our raw materials come from the most famous brand suppliers in China. So the quality can be guaranteed to the maximum extent possible. Meanwhile, the raw material will tested before entering the factory, which belongs to external inspection. If the customer needs it, the quality inspection report can be provided. After the raw materials enter the factory, our company will also conduct internal inspection.The internal inspection will take 10% of the raw materials for quality inspection. If the unqualified rate is high, 30%-50% will be taken to continue the quality test. If the test results fail, the unqualified cardan drive shaft will return to original factory.Therefore, in the raw material area, we are serious. And the basic quality of our company's transmission shaft can be absolutely guaranteed.


Our factory uses CNC machine tools and keeps updating the equipment. Recently, a new automatic equipment for calibrating welding has been introduced, which reduces the manual error , time and labor cost,as well as improves the precision.


During production, we will do rough processing on our cardan shafts. and after rough processing, we will do precision processing. During this period, we will have manual measurement, dynamic balance test and other product quality tests.If the customer needs the test certificates, we can provide them. Take one of the producing steps as an example: spraying paint.In order to prevent the transmission shaft from rust, we will do anti-rust treatment on its surface. There are two steps of anti-rust treatment:


1. Cover the section connection of the drive shaft. Then spray paint on its outer surface.

2. After the surface paint dry out, we will clean up section and coat with anti-rust oil.

But some manufacturers may omit rust-proof oil. In order to save human, time and economic cost, they only spray paint. What are the consequences? The consequence is that the spray paint will block the hole in the transmission shaft. So the drive shaft cannot be connected to the customer's product successfully. At the same time, spray paint will also produce a certain thickness. Then the cardan drive shaft section will not be perfectly connected with the customer's products.


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