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Crusher Cardan Driver Shaft

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A large number of raw materials and recycled wastes are processed by crushers every year in the industrial sectors such as metallurgy, mining, chemical industry and cement.For example, in order to separate useful minerals from ore in a concentrating mill, it is necessary to use a crusher to break the raw ore into the size required by the grinding process.The raw material needs to be broken by crushing machinery to the granularity required for the next operation. In coking plant, sintering plant, ceramics factory, glass industry, powder metallurgy departments, etc., raw materials must be broken by crushing machinery to the granularity required for the next operation as well.


As one of the important transmission systems in the whole set of operating equipment of the crusher, the selection of crusher cardan drive shaft is very important. Because the working condition environment of the crusher industry is generally bad, ensuring the long and stable operation of the whole drive system is the primary guarantee.


The propeller shaft for scrap crusher/ scrap steel crusher universal shaft /PSX transmission shaft for crushing production line is widely used in the crusher drive system and is connected to the high voltage motor output end and the input end of the cutter shaft. The safety factor should be selected when calculate the cardan shaft of the crusher. Of course, the model isn’t the bigger the better, we ought to choose the appropriate, normally we recommend to choose according to 3 times of the motor output torque. Because work state of crusher is unstable which related to torsion of knife shaft bearing and the size, number thickness and type of waste materials. ST cardan shaft engineers have a lot of rich experience, we developed the PSX series 2000 HP, 4000 horsepower and 6000 horsepower and 8000 horsepower crusher cardan shaft, and cooperate with many famous domestic crusher manufacturers, such as star crushing plant, expo crushing plant, etc., At the same time we also developed the 450 kw, 630 kw, 900 kw and other small crusher cardan shafts to meet the demands of small-scale waste steel production enterprises.


At present, the crusher industry is developing steadily. The new policy issued by national industrial policy and the industry operation environment in recent years requires to expand domestic demand which certainly will promote the development of crusher enterprise, bring new development opportunities for the crusher enterprise.Due to the continuous development of downstream industries such as mining, chemical and construction industries, crusher market demand is relatively stable, so the overall development of the industry is relatively stable. Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft CO., LTD. and several crusher equipment manufacturers reached a long-term cooperation, we offer one-stop service including crusher crossed drive shaft type selection, design and development of universal shaft parameter and cardan shaft production to save your time, labor, and heart, also sincerely hope to get your quality recognition to our crusher propeller shaft .


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