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How to Select Cardan Shaft

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It’s important for us to select appropriate cardan shaft. Because if you don't choose well, it will affect the use of cardan shaft, you need to take it seriously. So today, Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft CO., Ltd would like to take this opportunity to introduce some knowledge of this field to you. We hope it can help you.


cardan shaft

When selecting the universal joint coupling, the following aspects should be considered:


1. Torque size, properties and damping requirements. If high power heavy duty transmission is required,  gear coupling can be selected.

2. Speed of the cardan shaft, and centrifugal force caused by the size. If it is a high-speed transmission shaft, a coupling with high balance accuracy should be selected, but not a slider coupling.

cardan shaft

3. The magnitude and direction of relative displacement between two axes of a propeller shaft. If the installation and adjustment will produce a large relative displacement in the work, then the flexible coupling should be selected.

4. Safety and reliability of cardan shaft operation and working environment. Generally speaking, if the coupling does not need lubrication, then it is more reliable; If lubrication is required, the performance will be affected by lubrication conditions, and there may be other problems.

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