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Reasons for Damage and Maintenance of Cardan Shaft

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There always be some damage on cardan shafts in the process of use. What are the reasons for damage of cardan shaft? Jiangsu Sitong cardan shaft CO., Ltd sums up the following four reasons:

 cardan shaft part

1. Because the parts wear and tear each other in the running process, the effective size changes and the damage occurs.

2. Parts in the process of operation will be affected by external forces, whichl makes the parts bending, elliptical or other abnormal changes, and this change is usually called geometric loss of parts.

3. In the process of operation, the parts of the transmission shaft will produce overheating, extrusion and other conditions, which will cause changes in the surface mechanical properties of damage.

4. Overall damage. Propeller shaft parts occur cracks, honeycomb, fragmentation, fracture and other phenomena.


As we all know, no matter what type of cardan drive shaft, after a long time of use, it is inevitable that a series of large or small problems will occur. If not handled for a long time, it will definitely bring trouble to the production work and affect the production. Therefore, in order to ensure that universal shaft in the process of operation can normally run, and effectively extend its service life, we must carry out some maintenance work on universal joint drive shaft.

Today, Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft CO., Ltd will tell you how to do a good maintenance from the following four steps.

cardan joint parts  

1. Universal joint cardan shaft must be run with slow speed. Only in the process of slowly accelerating the use of machinery can reduce unnecessary wear and tear of mechanical equipment.

2. Dynamic balance test. Because the balance welding piece is one of the important reasons to stabilize the balance of the transmission shaft, this is a very important step.

3. The working condition of cardan shaft must be checked every day, so as to ensure the normal work of the universal shaft.

4. Add grease. Generally speaking, in the summer, it is best to inject lithium base grease, in the winter, we also inject lithium base grease.But the difference is that the number of lithium base lubricants is different.


So, if you want the stable operation of machinery, usually in addition to the maintenance of mechanical equipment, the maintenance of the universal shaft is also essential.


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