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How to Correctly Use Cardan Shaft of Hot Strip Mill

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Universal joint cardan shaft of hot strip mill is divided into rough and fine rolling.


Since the rolling force of the cardan shaft is large and the torque is not stable, the cardan shaft fork should select the material above 42CrMo as the foundation and adjust the radial structure through heat treatment process. The rotation speed of the cardan drive shaft in this part is low. At ordinary times, it is ok to inject lithium grease into the bearing sleeve once a week, and then check the wear of the bearing sleeve lining plate. If the clearance is greater than 5mm, replace the lining board in time.


cardan shaft

However, the selection of the transmission shaft for the finishing rolling part is quite elaborate. The first three finishing rolls can be used by cardan shaft with low balance grade, or the repaired cardan shaft can be used. Generally, the service life is more than 6 months, while the last 2 finishing rolls need cardan shaft with high speed balance( According to our experience, the service life of the new cardan shaft can reach more than 10 months, and the general maintenance propeller shaft can only reach about 2 months, so it is recommended to use the new one, and the consumption will be relatively small).


The intermediate nozzles used by Jingjiang Sitong Cardan Shaft CO., Ltd in the manufacture of the cardan shaft of hot rolling mill need to increase the thickness of the normal cardan shaft by 5-10mm to ensure the wear of the bracket position. This point common units don’t know.


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