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Double Cross Cardan Shaft for Loader

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Loaders are widely used construction machinery, which play an important role in railway, highway, construction, water and electricity, port and dock as well as national defense. The double cross cardan shaft is an important transmission part of the loader because of its inherent structure. The traditional double - cross universal transmission shaft is easy to produce cross - axis axial channeling, knuckle fork "ear hole" deformation, assembly difficulties and other problems.


In order to overcome these defects, this paper studies and designs a split-type double cross universal transmission shaft for loader. The main contents and achievements are as follows:


1. Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft CO., LTD. studied the traditional double-cross cardan transmission shaft structure and analyzed the reasons for the above problems. Based on the original transmission shaft structure, a new structure design was carried out. By comparing and analyzing the different connection schemes of transmission shaft, gearbox and drive axle, we decide to use spline fork; by exploring the reasonable subdivision scheme of the cardan shaft, we decided to adopt the structure that two - side spline fork split, intermediate drive shaft joint fork not split. We have obtained the axial positioning scheme of the cross shaft and bifurcation scheme of the spline. According to the parameters of the loader and the requirements of enterprise design, the parts such as split-type spline fork are designed in detail, and a virtual assembly model of spline fork and cross shaft is established.


2. The kinematics model of the system constraint equation and the split-cross universal propeller shaft is established. The conditions of constant speed transmission are determined by analytic method, and the angular velocity relation of driving shaft, intermediate shaft and driven shaft is obtained. In ADAMS software, the equispeed transmission performance of split-type double cross universal shaft is verified by setting different angles between shafts. The dynamic analysis of the split-type double cross shaft was carried out, the dynamic equation of the transmission shaft was established, and the torque type of the cross shaft was analyzed.


3. Linear static analysis, modal analysis and life evaluation of the transmission shaft were conducted through the Workbench module of ANSYS software. The transition curve of a single arc which caused the stress concentration of the cross shaft was optimized. The transition curve was determined in the form of circular arc -- straight line -- circular arc. The optimal combination of arc radius data is obtained.


4. To manufacture split spline sleeve fork angle has carried on the experiment, the experimental results show that split spline sleeve fork and the largest combination of spline shaft fork Angle is 28.47 °. The assembly experiment was carried out for the spline fork and the cross shaft. In the experiment, the cross shaft could fit into the spline fork smoothly. The dynamic balance experiment of the whole transmission shaft was carried out to improve the uneven mass distribution of the transmission shaft.


The design of split type double cross universal transmission shaft overcomes the structural problem of traditional transmission shaft, improves assembly efficiency and meets the design requirements of enterprises.

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