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Reasons for Failure of Universal Joint Cardan Shaft Assembly

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The main function of universal joint is to transfer rotational torque between axis on different axes. It is widely used in various types of trucks transmission shaft, the coupling shaft fork. Usually, the needle roller bearing on the cross shaft of universal joint does not rotate, but vibrates. The load varies change according to the alternating period. Universal joint cross shaft assembly is also a connection device. Today, Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft CO., LTD is mainly to introduce the reasons for the failure of universal joint transmission shaft assembly, so that in the future you will be able to meet these conditions and take some effective measures to resolve this problem calmly.


Reasons for failure of universal joint transmission shaft assembly:


1. Baroclinic printing

When the total circumferential clearance of the bearing in the universal joint cross shaft assembly is relatively large, the needle is prone to skew, which makes the shaft neck of the cross shaft and the axis of a certain angle imprint. If the imprinting further, will make the needle can not spin and increase the friction resistance. Therefore, the total circumference clearance of the bearing should be controlled within the range of 0.1-0.4mm.


2. Spalling fatigue

If the radial clearance between the cross shaft and the bearing gradually expands due to wear, the load will appear concentrated, and fatigue indentation will occur in places where the load is relatively large, and eventually fatigue spalling will occur, and it is a large area.


3. Oil shortage ablation

If the lubrication is not in place or insufficient, or the bearing seal is not properly sealed, the bearing will lose oil, or the sealing material aging, fracturing. In addition, if there is no effect of lubricating oil, the temperature of universal joint cross shaft assembly will be too high during operation, which will cause the bearing and shaft journal to bite dead, damage the needle and sealing parts, and finally cause the erosion of ring surface.


4. Pin or gasket failure

If there are spots, pits, or if the needle is broken, the needle will fail. The failure of the gasket is mainly due to the breakage or wear of the gasket. These are related to the size and structure of the bearing and the gasket, so it should be reasonably designed. In addition, the gasket should choose the material with high strength and wear resistance relatively to avoid this phenomenon.

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