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Specific Conditions for Selection of Universal Cardan Shaft

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Today I would like to tell you the specific conditions of the selection of universal cardan shaft. I hope you can get some help from the following brief introduction.


1. Whether there is a transmission between the prime mover and the universal joint coupling. If so, what is the transmission ratio, and what is the output of the shaft after passing through the intermediate transmission device, that is, whether there is power shunt. The type, power and speed of the prime mover are considered. What is the rotation speed of the universal cardan joint itself? Whether the drive shaft needs to do dynamic balance. If ask for dynamic balance or balance, which level of balance quality is required.


2. The types and selections of prime movers are considered. Load categories of cardan shaft transmission loads: unidirectional constant load, pulsating load, or two-way alternating load. What is the installation status of the universal joint coupling? Horizontal, vertical or inclined mounting. To make its axis bending Angle less than 3 degrees, if forced to tilt installation, to determine the horizontal and vertical Angle.


3. Considering what the working environment of the prime mover is, and whether it is affected by adverse environmental conditions such as high temperature, dust, water spray and chemical corrosion. Select the corresponding type of universal cardan shaft according to the use environment. Is there a limit to the installation location. What is the length of the installation? Whether need to scale? When expansion is required, what is the elongation outward of the universal joint coupling in the shortest state. For the universal cardan drive shaft that does not require expansion, the compensation of axial size error must be considered, and the position of compensation in the system should be determined.


4. It is necessary to know the connection form and specific installation size required on both ends of universal joint coupling, and whether there are special requirements such as installation bracket.

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