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Use of Cardan Shaft for Cold Rolling

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1. Before using the universal shaft of cold rolling, please note the following:

A. Ensure that the cold rolling universal shaft has been installed correctly as required and the safety protection device has been set up. Due to high rotation speed of cold rolling universal shaft, please pay attention to personal safety and equipment safety. Personnel should stay away from the universal joint shaft that is about to (or is being) operated.

B. Check the cardan shaft for additional spare parts, uncleaned tools or items, etc.

C. If the cold rolled universal shaft has been used for a long time (more than 6 months) before use, the joint bearing, spline pairs and other parts shall be refilled with grease and bolts (column) and nuts shall be re-tightened as required by pre-tightening force.


2. Adjust the motor speed to 50% of the working speed to make the cold rolling universal shaft run without load. Check if there is any abnormal noise, vibration or other abnormal conditions on the cardan shaft of cold rolling. If the above situation occurs, stop the machine immediately and contact us for maintenance.


3. Under normal operation of cold rolling cardan drive shaft, the failure mode of its joint bearing is fatigue failure. In the case of insufficient lubrication, the failure mode will be wear, so make sure the cross shaft is well lubricated.


4. It is strictly forbidden to work on the cold rolling transmission shaft overload for a long time. The normal working torque should not exceed the fatigue torque of the universal shaft, the cardan shaft of cold rolling can only bear short-term overload for a limited time (not more than 1000 times), and the overload torque should not exceed the maximum torque value of the universal cardan joint.


5. The working Angle of cold rolling universal shaft must be lower than the ultimate dip Angle.Its work within 2 ° Angle joint best performance.


6. Cold rolled cardan shaft can in -25 ℃ to + 80 ℃ under the environment of use.

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