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How To Make Cardan Shaft Not Malfunction

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In the case of a problem with cardan shaft, cardan shaft may break if it is affected by other external forces. Vehicle loses its forward propulsion and power will not be transmitted to wheels, and car will not be able to move on.


If the car has obvious abnormal sounds and vibrations while driving, and you will hear a "squeaky" sound when the car starts or accelerates. In this case, there is a very large possibility that parts of drive shaft are worn, deformed or lose balance.

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Then let's take a look at the drive shaft. What parts of transmission shaft are formed and what is the role?


Simply put, propeller shaft consists of a shaft tube, a telescopic sleeve and a universal joint.


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The telescoping sleeve automatically adjusts the change in distance between the transmission and the transaxle. The universal joint is a tool to ensure the change of the angle between the transmission output shaft and the input shaft of the transaxle input shaft. The universal joint can also realize the equiangular speed transmission between the two shafts. Therefore, the universal joint is a very critical component on the axle of the car.


How to make drive shaft not easily fail?


1.  Maintain the drive shaft.

Protecting the drive shaft during normal use can greatly extend the service life of drive shaft. For example, driving the steering wheel in place can cause the joint of the universal joint to be overloaded; We should avoid starting at high speed, avoid slamming clutch pedal, avoid overloading, avoid overspeed, etc. It is best to check working condition of drive shaft regularly to see if it is deformed and see if the supporting rubber is damaged.

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2. Use a high quality, high balance drive shaft.

Do you know the drive shaft balancing machine? The drive shaft balancing machine is a high-precision device specially designed for dynamic balance detection of the drive shaft. It can be applied not only to drive shaft manufacturers, but also to drive shaft repair manufacturers.


After the dynamic balance treatment with cardan shaft balancer, the dynamic balance of drive shaft itself will be much better. Coupled with  reasonable use and maintenance in daily life, service life of cardan shaft can be extended a lot.

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