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  • 2020-06-29

    Star Elastic Coupling: The Most Versatile Coupling

    Because star elastic coupling is equipped with elastic elements, it can not only compensate the relative displacement between the two shafts, but also have the ability to buffer and reduce vibration. The more energy the elastic element can store, the stronger the buffering capacity of the coupling;&…...

  • 2020-06-29

    Drum Gear Coupling: Choosing The Right Coupling For Crane

    When it comes to choosing the right drum gear coupling you will need to consider the size of the crane, and how much load it can support. To help make this decision easier, you should consider what type of work you will be doing on the rig. Most backhoe rigs are going to be powered by a top loader…...

  • 2020-06-28

    The Role And Selection of Different Types of Couplings

    Couplings are commonly used components in mechanical transmission. They are mainly used to connect two shafts or shafts between different components and other rotating parts, make them rotate together and transmit torque, and sometimes can also be used as a safety device. The difference is that in…...

  • 2020-06-24

    Curved Teeth Coupling: Dedicated to High-speed Drive Shafts

    Design and construction of each curved teeth coupling are tailored to the specific requirements, based on rating using advanced technologies such as the Finite Element Method. All curved teeth couplings are made of hardened and tempered steel alloys with high yield strengths. The curved teeth of t…...

  • 2020-02-29

    Diaphragm Coupling: The Ideal Product for Couplings

    The diaphragm coupling consists of at least one diaphragm and two shaft sleeves. The diaphragm is fastened to the shaft sleeve with a pin, and generally does not loosen or bow|backlash between the diaphragm and the shaft sleeve. Some manufacturers provide two diaphragms, and some provide three or …...

  • 2020-05-16

    Flexible Couplings: The Most Versatile Coupling

    The flexible coupling is composed of the diaphragm shaft ends at both ends and the short section located in the middle. Its main feature is to absorb and adapt to the driving equipment and driven equipment through its unique diaphragm structure at both ends. Inevitable misalignment between the two…...

  • 2020-04-30

    Drum Gear Coupling: High-precision Coupling

    The drum gear coupling is a rigid-flexible coupling, which is composed of an internal ring gear with the same number of teeth and a flange half coupling with external teeth. The external teeth are divided into two types of straight teeth and drum teeth. The drum gear coupling can allow a larger an…...

  • 2020-05-16

    Cross shaft universal joint: Essential Components In The Car

    Cross shaft universal joint is one of the most commonly used couplings. Using the characteristics of its structure can make the two shafts that are not on the same axis or have larger axis fold angles or larger axial movements rotate at a constant angular speed, and reliably transmit torque a…...

  • 2004-06-16

    Ball Cage Universal Shaft: The Most Efficient Cardan Shaft

    The ball cage universal shaft is a coupling that uses sliding transmission for high-speed transmission. The ball cage universal shaft is connected to the main shaft and the driven shaft through the outer ring of the ball cage and the inner ring of the star, the center of the power transmissio…...

  • 2020-02-29

    What is constant velocity joint | Importance Of CV Joints

    Constant-velocity (CV) joints allow the drive shaft to transmit power through a variable angle, at a constant rotational speed, without a considerable increase in friction. The constant-velocity joints are also responsible for a smooth transfer of engine power regardless of the turning angle …...

  • 2020-06-12

    Universal Joints: Produced by A Professional Manufacturer

    Sitong is specialized in universal joint, key element of module like drive shaft or propeller shaft. Sitong is able to meet different requirements and shaft sizes of OEM customers. Sitong also covers global aftermarket with wider range line-up and proudly extends our brand name. Sitong maintains p…...

  • 2018-07-25

    Basic knowledge of couplings (2)

    Flexible coupling   Types of rigid movable couplings (non-elastic couplings): cross slide couplings, universal joints and crown gear couplings.   1. Gear coupling   A. Composition: Two outer sleeves with internal teeth and flanges…...

  • 2015-12-06

    Basic knowledge of couplings(1)

    Coupling In course of work, mechanical part that makes two axes always connected is called coupling.   1. Function   Couplings are commonly used to couple two shafts and transfer motion and torque between them; It has the ability to absorb …...

  • 2017-11-08

    What Are Main Features Of Cross Shaft Universal Coupling

    As anyone who knows something about the cross shaft universal coupling knows that it has a lot of features. Today Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft CO., Ltd wants to tell you about some of the main features.   1. Cross shaft cardan shaft has the…...

  • 2018-03-29

    Lubrication of drum - tooth universal coupling

    Jiangsu Sitong Machinery Manufacturing CO., LTD as a manufacturer of industrial cardan shaft, has been serving customers with high quality, high cost performance and short delivery cycle. The drum gear coupling produced by our company has been well received by both ne…...

  • 2020-03-25


    Paper-making machines ensure that our daily needs for paper, cardboard and sanitary paper are met. The demand for cardboard has been increasing for years, due to the increase in online business and changes in our purchasing behaviour. The paper consumption per head is steadily increasing in growin…...

  • 2018-03-14

    What you don't know about universal joint coupling

    Today, Jiangsu Sitong Machinery Manufacturing CO., LTD. tells you about the height requirements of the universal cardan shaft:   Due to the travel limitation of the gear shaper, the height of the gear ring in the coupling is required and cannot be changed at will. If…...

  • 2020-02-04

    What You Don't Know About Universal Joint Coupling (2)

    Before, Jiangsu Sitong Machinery Manufacturing CO., LTD. told you about the height requirements of the teeth ring in the universal joint coupling. You are certainly not satisfied with this knowledge, today we continue to learn about the universal joint coupling you do n…...

  • 2020-03-11

    What You Don’t Know About Universal Joint Coupling(3)

    Today, Jiangsu Sitong Machinery Manufacturing CO., Ltd. wants to tell you about the relationship between the performance and material of the universal joint coupling. Let's take a look.   As we all know, the universal joint coupling has many materials, mainly cast steel, cast iron, forg…...

  • 2018-03-14

    Proper Use of Cross Shaft Universal Coupling

    In many machines, due to the position requirements of the two shafts to be connected, or errors in manufacturing and installation, as well as the effects of load bearing and temperature changes, there is often no guarantee of strict alignment resulting in some degree of relative displacement …...

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