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Curved Teeth Coupling: Dedicated to High-speed Drive Shafts

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Design and construction of each curved teeth coupling are tailored to the specific requirements, based on rating using advanced technologies such as the Finite Element Method. All curved teeth couplings are made of hardened and tempered steel alloys with high yield strengths. The curved teeth of the hubs and the internal toothing are hardened and therefore highly resistant to wear. Also, the axially loaded thrust plates and the thrust buttons in the spindle coupling heads are hardened.


The typical meshing behavior of curved teeth in combination with the straight internal toothing results in an exceptionally favorable load-bearing performance which is maintained even at maximum shaft misalignments. Since the points of contact of the tooth flanks Tensions (left) and deformations of an annular gear are always near the tooth center, the applied torque is always transmitted by a large number of teeth. This not only reduces the loading of the individual tooth, but it also ensures a very smooth rotary motion.


Especially in rolling mill applications, this has beneficial effects on the quality of the rolled products. A load-dependent self-centering a combination of tooth tip/tooth flank centering contributes to the excellent running behavior, particularly at higher speeds. For todays operators, high availability and a simple and fast replacement of key components are important factors. Moreover, a high degree of standardization of conversion parts offers the advantage of low inventory carrying costs.


Features of Curved teeth coupling


1. With high power-to-mass ratio, it is especially suitable for connecting high-power power devices.


2. The diaphragm group has strong ability to withstand misalignment, and has certain damping and noise reduction capabilities. The misalignment capability can meet the misalignment requirements of most power transmission devices during operation.


3. The Curved teeth coupling can be assembled and disassembled without disturbing the master and slave devices. The coupling can be replaced within 2 hours, which improves the equipment utilization rate.


4. There is no gap and constant low unbalance. The noise-free coupling parts are assembled without gaps, without operating noise, and maintain the same initial dynamic balance accuracy.


5. Can be operated under harsh environmental conditions. Can be operated within 300 degrees Celsius. Can be operated in corrosive environments such as acid, alkali, salt spray, etc.


6. No lubrication, no maintenance, it can fundamentally eliminate the vibration of the toothed coupling due to tooth surface wear to avoid a series of troubles such as the new imbalance caused by the oil accumulation of the diaphragm coupling.


7. Apply a predictable low additional load to the connecting device. Compared with similar flexible transmission elements, the Curved teeth coupling exerts a predictable minimum force and bending moment on the connecting device.


Advantages of Curved teeth coupling

 Advantages of Curved teeth coupling

Curved teeth coupling is simple in structure, high in reliability and long in life; suitable for harsh environments with high speed, high power, high temperature and corrosive effect; it has large axial and angular compensation capabilities, good resistance to misalignment, and has vibration absorption and Vibration isolation function; no noise, zero clearance, constant speed, no lubrication, small radial size, large load capacity, commonly used in low speed and heavy load working conditions of shafting transmission, high precision and dynamically balanced gear coupling The device can be used for high-speed movement.


Compared with the diaphragm coupling, there is no relative sliding, no lubrication and sealing, no noise, basically no maintenance, easy manufacturing, and can partially replace the toothed coupling. Couplings are used in a variety of different host products. The surrounding working environment is more complicated, such as temperature, humidity, water, steam, dust, sand, oil, acid, alkali, corrosive medium, salt water, radiation, etc.


One of the important factors that must be considered when using a shaft. For the working quality of high temperature, low temperature, oil, acid and alkali media, it is not suitable to use flexible couplings with general rubber as the elastic element material. Metal flexible element flexible couplings should be selected, such as diaphragm couplings, The serpentine spring coupling, etc., is because the diaphragm coupling has high thermal stability and strong corrosion resistance.


choose the right Curved teeth coupling

Curved teeth Couplings can often achieve the best working results only under certain transmission conditions. Therefore, how to choose a more appropriate coupling for a transmission under a specific condition is a very important issue related to the working performance, service life maintenance and economy of the entire machine. Here are 6 points to teach you to choose the right Curved teeth coupling


The load transmitted by the Curved teeth coupling


Curved teeth Coupling speed


Relative displacement of the Curved teeth coupling connecting the two shafts


Curved teeth Coupling transmission accuracy


Manufacture, installation and maintenance of Curved teeth coupling


Working environment of the Curved teeth coupling


Installation of Curved teeth coupling


1. Wipe off the dust and dirt on the surface of the mounting shaft, and apply a thin layer of engine oil or lubricant.


2. Clean the inner hole of Curved teeth coupling and wipe it with oil or lubricant.


3. Insert the Changsheng coupling into the installation shaft; if the aperture is tight, pay attention to avoid hitting the installation with a hammer or hard metal.


4. After the positioning is completed, first press the diagonal direction and use a torque wrench (the specified tightening torque 1/4) to lightly tighten the screw.


5. Increase the force (1/2 of the specified tightening torque) and repeat the step 4 action.


6. According to the specified tightening torque, tighten the tightening torque to tighten.


7. Finally, tighten the fixing screws in order in the circumferential direction.


8. When disassembling, please proceed with the device completely stopped; loosen the locking screws in order.


Precautions for Curved teeth coupling installation


. Products with diaphragms have edges and may cause injury, it is recommended to wear thick gloves when installing.


. Please install a protective cover and other devices around the coupling to ensure safety.


. When the shaft center deviation exceeds the allowable value during installation, the coupling may be deformed, resulting in damage or shortened service life.


. The allowable axial deviation of the diaphragm coupling includes radial, angular, and axial deviations. During installation, please adjust to ensure that the axial deviation is within the allowable value range in the corresponding product catalog.


. When multiple deviations occur at the same time, the corresponding allowable value should be halved.


. In order to extend the service life of the coupling, it is recommended to set the axis deviation to within 1/3 of the allowable value.


. Tighten the screw after inserting the installation shaft, otherwise the coupling will be deformed. When tightening the screw, use a torque wrench, and never use screws other than accessories for installation.


. If there is abnormal sound during the operation, please stop the operation immediately and check the installation accuracy and screw looseness separately. It is recommended to apply adhesive on the outer surface of the screw after installation and commissioning to increase the protection performance.


Alignment method of curved tooth coupling


1.Ruler Ruler


Using a ruler to measure the radial deviation of the coupling outer circle at each position, and using a plug gauge to measure the axial clearance deviation (concentricity) between the end faces of the two coupling halves. To put it bluntly, the ruler ruler is to use your eyes to estimate the radial deviation with a saw blade. Using a plug gauge to calculate this method with eyes and feeling is simple, but the error is large. Generally used for machines with low speed and low precision.


2 outer circle, double-face method


Use two dial gauges to measure the values on the outer circle and the end face of the coupling hub, calculate and analyze the measured values, determine the position of the two shafts in space, and finally obtain the adjustment amount and adjustment direction. This method is widely used. The main disadvantage is that for machines with axial movement, the end face measurement reading will produce errors during cranking. It is generally used for small and medium-sized machines with rolling bearings and small axial movement.


3 outer circle, three-face method


This method is to use two dial gauges on the end surface. The two dial gauges are symmetrically set at the same distance from the center of the shaft to eliminate the effect of axial movement on the end surface measurement reading. This method has high accuracy and is suitable for the need. Precision machines and high-speed machines for precise alignment. Such as: steam turbine, centrifugal compressor, etc.


4 outer circle double table method


uses two dial gauges to measure the outer circle. The principle is to determine the relative position of the two axes through two sets of outer circle measurement readings separated by a certain distance, so as to know the adjustment amount and adjustment direction, so as to achieve the purpose of alignment. The disadvantage of this method is that the calculation is more complicated.


5 single table method


This method only measures the outer circle reading of the hub, and does not need to measure the end face reading. This method has high centering accuracy, which can not only be used to align machine shafts with small hub diameters and large shaft end distances, but also suitable for the shafts of large multi-axis units (such as high-speed shafts and high-power centrifugal compressor units) Find it right. Using this method for shaft alignment can also eliminate the effect of axial movement on the alignment accuracy.

Lubrication method of tooth coupling


1) Oil storage lubrication


The lubricating oil is injected from the nozzle, and the lubricating oil is maintained by a centrifugal force when rotating, and maintains a certain layer of lubricating oil on the outer circle of the gear. This will cause impurities to remain in the ring gear, and the heat dissipation effect of the oil flow is also poor, so it is only suitable for occasions with low power and low speed. After grease is injected into the interior and sealed, it is regularly cleaned and replaced, which actually belongs to this method.


2) Gravity lubrication


The lubricating oil is injected from the nozzle, flows through the side clearance of the gear, and flows out from the small hole of the sleeve. This mainly plays a cooling role, it is difficult to form an oil film, and the tooth surface wear is faster than strong lubrication.


3) Strong lubrication


Lubricating oil is injected from each small hole at the bottom of the gear teeth. The oil enters the meshing surface under the action of centrifugal force during rotation, which plays a better role in lubrication and cooling. The oil flows out from both sides of the teeth after passing through the meshing surface, so that the oil flow circulates continuously, and the impurities flow out accordingly. Powerful lubrication is suitable for high speed and heavy load.

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