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Star Elastic Coupling: The Most Versatile Coupling

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Because star elastic coupling is equipped with elastic elements, it can not only compensate the relative displacement between the two shafts, but also have the ability to buffer and reduce vibration. The more energy the elastic element can store, the stronger the buffering capacity of the coupling; 

The greater the elastic hysteresis performance of the elastic element and the friction work between parts during elastic deformation, the better the vibration damping ability of the coupling. This type of coupling is currently widely used and has more and more varieties.

1. Dry coupling without lubrication

Star elastic couplings rely on metal diaphragms to transmit torque and absorb deformation caused by misalignment. There is no relative movement between components and no friction and wear, so no lubrication is required, which is in line with the development direction of process equipment without oil. The toothed coupling is a rigid movable coupling. 

It compensates the misalignment of the two shafts by the relative slip between the tooth surfaces. Therefore, the toothed coupling must be lubricated, and the lubrication condition is to determine the toothed coupling The key to the work of the device. Especially when it is running at high speed, it is prominent, such as the separation of oil, leakage, etc. 

under the action of centrifugal force, and the choice of lubricating oil, often because the lubricating design uses the bearing lubricating oil of the connected machine, not the appropriate carrying capacity. Gear lubricants. Therefore, the lubrication problem of the high-speed gear coupling is particularly prominent. 

On the other hand, the wear caused by the relative slip of the tooth surface will cause a series of problems such as sludge and imbalance. Therefore, although toothed couplings were once the choice for high-speed and high-power applications, with the appearance and development of diaphragm couplings, toothed couplings gradually faded out.

2. All-metal structure, large torque transmission capacity, long service life
Star elastic couplings use metal diaphragms as elastic elements. They have high strength and large load-carrying capacity, and there are no non-metallic parts in the entire product, no aging problems, long service life, and they are suitable for harsh use environments. This is unmatched by non-metallic elastic element couplings.

3. The ability to compensate for misalignment is large, and it is convenient to find the installation.
Star elastic couplings adopts high-strength austenitic stainless steel diaphragm, which can withstand large deformation while transmitting torque, thereby compensating the misalignment of the two shafts. 

The non-metallic elastic coupling is restricted by the low strength and easy aging of the non-metallic elastic element, which not only has a short service life, but also has a small compensation ability. The gear coupling is restricted by the relative slip speed of the tooth surface and the lubrication conditions. 

According to the data, the relative slip speed of the tooth surface should not be greater than 0.12m/s. The angular compensation ability is very small. Therefore, non-metallic elastic couplings and toothed couplings have higher requirements for alignment. Once the misalignment exceeds the allowable range, it will cause rapid failure of the coupling.

4. Low axial and angular stiffness, little impact on equipment

Star elastic couplings uses a very thin metal diaphragm as an elastic element with low angular and axial stiffness, so the additional axial force and additional bending moment are very small. 

Because the tooth surface of the toothed coupling can slide relatively, people often think that the toothed coupling can compensate for large angular and axial misalignment without additional impact on the unit. In fact, this idea is wrong. 

The star elastic couplings will cause a large additional axial force and additional bending moment on the shaft and bearing due to friction and misalignment of the two shafts after being loaded.

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