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Teach You How To Choose Coupling (1)

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Coupling is a mechanical part used to couple two shafts in different mechanisms to rotate together to transmit torque. In high-speed and heavy-duty power transmissions, some couplings also have the function of damping and improving the dynamic performance of the shafting. The coupling consists of two halves, which are respectively coupled to the drive shaft and driven shaft. Generally, most power machines work by means of a coupling coupled to a working machine.


1 | Coupling Type

Manufacturing and installation errors, deformation after loading, and effects of temperature changes may cause changes in the relative position of the two axes to which the coupling is coupled, often without strict alignment. Coupling can be divided into rigid couplings, flexible couplings and safety couplings according to whether coupling has elastic elements, whether it has ability to compensate for various relative displacements, whether it can maintain the coupling function under the relative displacement conditions and the use of coupling.


△  Rigid Coupling

It only transmits motion and torque and does not have other functions, including flange couplings, sleeve couplings, and cage couplings.


△  Flexible Coupling

Flexible coupling without elastic components, not only can transmit motion and torque, but also have different degrees of axial, radial and angular compensation, including gear coupling, universal coupling, chain coupling , slider couplings, etc.


Flexible coupling with elastic elements can transmit motion and torque; it has different degrees of axial, radial and angular compensation; it also has different degrees of vibration damping and buffering to improve the performance of transmission system. It including various non-metallic elastic element flexible couplings and metal elastic element flexible couplings, various flexible couplings have different structures and large differences, and their roles in transmission system are also different.


△  Safety Coupling

It is used to transmit motion and torque, overload safety protection. Flexible safety couplings also offer varying degrees of compensating performance, including pinned, friction, magnetic powder, centrifugal, hydraulic and other safety couplings.


2|Coupling Function

When two shafts are to be connected to transmit power, pulley or gear is generally used for coupling. However, if two shafts are required to be on the same straight line and rotate at the same speed, coupling must be used for joining. However, due to accuracy, thermal expansion of shaft or bending of shaft during operation, the concentricity between two shafts will change. Therefore, flexible coupling can be used as a bridge to maintain power transmission between two shafts, and radial, angular and axial deviations between shafts can be reduced to extend life of machine and improve quality of machine.

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