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Teach You How To Choose A Coupling (3)

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Last article <Teach You How To Choose A Coupling (1) > talked about 1| coupling type and 2 | coupling function, article <Teach You How To Choose A Coupling (2) > talked about 3 | coupling selection and 4 | coupling selection considerations, next we continue to talk about 5 | coupling selection method. Hope it can help you.

5|Coupling Selection Method

1. Standard Coupling

When choosing a coupling, it should first be selected among couplings that have been formulated as national standards, machinery industry standards, and national patents. Only when existing standard couplings and patented couplings cannot meet design requirements, you need to design your own coupling.


2. Coupling Type Selection

Understand the comprehensive function of the coupling (especially the flexible coupling) in the transmission system, and select type of coupling from overall design of transmission system. According to the combination of prime mover type, working load, working speed, transmission accuracy, two-axis offset condition, temperature, humidity, working environment and other factors, the type of coupling is selected. According to the needs of the supporting mainframe to select structural type of coupling. When coupling is used with brake, coupling with brake wheel or brake disc type should be selected; when overload protection is required, safety coupling should be selected; when connecting with flange, flange type should be selected; when long-distance transmission and axial dimension of connection are large, intermediate shaft type or intermediate sleeve type should be selected.


3. Coupling Torque Calculation

The power of power unit in transmission system should be greater than power required by working machine. According to the power and speed of the power machine, the theoretical torque T of the coupling connected to the power machine can be calculated; according to the working condition coefficient K and other relevant coefficients, the calculated torque Tc of the coupling can be calculated. The coupling T is inversely proportional to n, so the low speed end T is larger than the high speed end T.


4. Primary Coupling Model

According to the calculated torque Tc, the approximate nominal torque Tn can be selected from the standard series, and Tn ≥ Tc should be satisfied during the selection. Initially select the coupling model (specification), from the standard can be found the allowable speed of the coupling [n] and the maximum radial dimension D, axial dimension L0, to meet the coupling speed n ≤ [n] .


5. Adjust Model according to Shaft Diameter

The pre-selected coupling coupling dimensions, ie shaft hole diameter d and shaft hole length L, shall comply with requirements of main and driven end shaft diameters, otherwise coupling specifications shall be adjusted according to shaft diameter d. It is common for the main and driven end shaft diameters to be different. When torque and speed are same, main and driven end shaft diameters are different, coupling type should be selected according to large shaft diameter. In newly designed transmission system, seven types of shaft holes that meet requirements of GB/T3852 should be selected. It is recommended to use J1 type shaft hole type. The shaft hole length is in accordance with product standard of coupling.


6. Connection Type Selection

The choice of the coupling type depends on the connection type of the main and the driven end on the shaft. Generally, the key connection is used, and the same key connection type and code number are specified. In GB/T3852, seven keyway types are specified, and four keyless connections are provided. More type A is used.


7. Coupling Type, Specification (Model) Selection

According to the comprehensive factors such as the load type, speed and working environment of the power machine and the coupling to select coupling; coupling type is selected according to matching and connection conditions of coupling; according to nominal torque and shaft hole diameter and shaft hole length are selected in specifications (model).

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