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Torque is a more important factor in industrial cardan shaft. This article introduces torque.

Torque is a special kind of torque that causes an object to rotate. Torque of engine is torque that engine outputs from crankshaft end. Under the condition of fixed power, it is inversely proportional to engine speed. The faster the speed, the smaller the torque, and vice versa. It reflects load capacity of drive shaft within a certain range.


External torque is called torque or external force moment, and internal one is called internal torque or torque.


Physical principle:


Torque and power are one of the main indices of cardan shaft, which is reflected in performance of transmission shaft. Work done at each unit distance is torque. Generally speaking, torque is an important criterion for measuring the quality of propeller shaft. Torque is proportional to power of engine.


When a person's body is in motion, power is like the durability of the body, and torque is the explosive power of the body. For a family car, the greater the torque, the better the acceleration; For off-road vehicles, the greater the torque, the greater the climb; For trucks, the greater the torque, the greater the weight of the truck. The greater the torque of car, the better it is. This is also case when driving. In case of the same displacement, the higher the torque, the better the engine. When you drive, you will feel that the car is free to do whatever you want. If you want to accelerate, you can speed up. Torque is one of main parameters for evaluating the performance of a car. Now I have an important data for evaluating a car, which is the acceleration time of car at 0-100 km / h. This acceleration time depends on torque of car engine.


In general, highest index of torque can be achieved when engine speed is relatively low, which means that engine of car is better and power is good. Some cars reach highest index of car's torque at around 5,000/min. This means that "power" is not the director of car. It can be said that the driving pleasure we pursue mainly comes from the torque, which is called “pushing back”. If maximum engine torque of a car is in the range of speeds we often use, then such a car can definitely bring you extraordinary driving pleasure. For a family car, the perfect engine maximum torque should occur at very low speeds, while the maximum power occurs at relatively high speeds.


The maximum torque generally occurs in the middle and low speed range of engine. As speed increases, torque will decrease. The unit of torque is Newton meter (N·m) or kilometer·m (kg·m).


Maximum torque of engine is related to design of engine's intake system, fuel supply system and ignition system. At a certain speed, performance of these systems is optimally matched to achieve maximum torque. In addition, the power, torque and speed of the engine are related, the specific relationship is: power = K * torque * speed, where K is the conversion factor. When choosing an engine, we must also weigh how to use it properly and not waste existing functions. For example, it is necessary to open air conditioners in winter and summer in Beijing. When choosing engine power, it must be considered too small.

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