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Universal Coupling | The Cross Shaft Universal Coupling

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The cross shaft universal coupling is the most commonly used coupling. Utilizing the characteristics of its structure, it can make two shafts that are not on the same axis or that have a large angle of axis or that have a large axial movement continue to rotate at equal angular speed, and reliably transmit torque and motion. 

cross shaft universal coupling

Can be widely used in metallurgy, lifting, engineering transportation, mining, petroleum, shipbuilding, coal, rubber, papermaking machinery and other machinery shafting transmission torque in the heavy machinery industry. 

The coupling is an important component connecting the prime mover and the working machine. Its damage will cause the machine to stop and even spread to the entire operation line. Therefore, its reliability is very high. However, the conditions of the cross-shaft universal coupling are often very harsh. 

For example, in the transmission of a rolling mill, due to the limited diameter of the connected rolling compound, the rotating diameter of the coupling is also affected accordingly. Limitation, the actual torque in the rolling process is often close to the fatigue torque of the coupling, and even if it is slightly improper, it will be exceeded. 

If this overload phenomenon occurs frequently, it will greatly reduce the fatigue life and cause premature failure or damage. In addition, the cross-shaft universal joint has higher requirements for the spatial geometric position of the universal joint. If it is improper, additional torque will appear, which will also reduce its life and affect its transmission efficiency. 

For large couplings, due to inadequate maintenance technology and improper adjustment of the balance system, additional loads equivalent to the torque level or greater, and some even break the cross shaft. Therefore, for such a core equipment, thorough technical control is required to ensure its life.

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